Absolu Lipstick Coral

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Absolu Lipstick Coral

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best makeup for me????????????????????

i am looking for makeup products for myself please help? it doen't matter if it high or low brand

foundation ( matte, full coverage, oil free, for oilly/ acne prone skin)

concealer (full coverage, hides acne and its mark)

bronzer (matte, good for contouring, i have medium skin tone)

blush (nice pink blush for my medium skin tone and nice peachy, pink color)

lipstick (a nude that will work for me) no baby pink colors

? Foundation- a really good foundation is one from Dr. Hauschka. The products are natural and do not contain harsh chemicals, which will control and be better for your acne. Meanwhile, the foundations still provide good coverage

also, sometimes I find it useful to wear a powder foundation on top. This one from Laura Mercier works wonders:) Especially as you have oily skin, adding a layer of powder after your liquid foundation keeps that soft matte look. Trust me, this one is so good.

?Concealer- an amazing one is the studio sculpt concealer from M.A.C .. it really is amazing, it lasts forever and gives such good coverage. fairly expensive for a concealer, but so worth it, i really would recommend this.

?Bronzer- The bronzer that I have found to have worked best for a nice dark glow is baked to last from body shop, it lasts for ages and has a lovely shimmer to it, highlighting your cheek bones

?Blush- Dream bouncy blush from maybelline. I think from your description the shade candy coral would look lovely on you:) This blush is so unique, and blends in amazingly

?Lipstick- I use a lancome lipstick which never does me wrong. L'absolu Nu...described as sexy nudes:) Its expensive but worth it, it has a light shimmer and is really good. The colours look dark but are lightweight and look natural...I went for the colour Beige Tulle...just gave my lips a spark of colour and shine

hope i helped!

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