Absolute Wet Gel

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Absolute Wet Gel

Absolute Wet Gel
Phalaenopsis Orchid in nothing but gel. Is it ok?

I was given a purple one in a long glass tube which just has the gel used for water retention inside. Looked great at first but the flowers died pretty quickly and nothing is happening since (about 2 months). My other orchids are doing really well, producing new flowers. Is the gel no good for them? Is it too wet? Is it too bright? If its the wrong environment for my orchid, what plant could I replace it with, as I really like the glass tube on my windowsill!!?? Also, what is the absolute best type of compost/mulch/medium to plant my orchid in. What sort of pot size do I need and how do I make them Beautiful!!!
I realise I've asked a dozen questions here but I'm guessing that I won't get many orchid experts so I need to cash in while I can! Thanks for your interest, whoever answers.
the tube is 4 inches in diameter and 2 feet long. the gell is 10 inches deep below the orchis and i top it up with water once a week

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Scrunching your hair.

Braun Razor Parts

It seems that gentlemen are always looking to dress their best for whatever occasion it is they are getting ready for, and a close clean shave is part of this process.  What you wear will be important, but it you don’t have a good razor to give you a smooth shave it won’t matter.  A good razor, therefore, is a must for a man to look his best at all times.  You need to look your absolute best if you are going to get anywhere in life.  A soap and blade type razor can do this for you, but men today are on the go and are looking for ways to do this more quickly and cleanly.  The best alternative to this predicament is to use an electric shaver, in particular Braun razors are quite popular and effective today.  For sure you will want a razor this is of the most excellent quality, reliable, and long lasting.  Not to mention, your electric shaver must give you a close clean shave without skin irritation or burns.


Braun shavers deserve a closer look if you are thinking about obtaining an electric razor.  These electric rechargeables are simple to use and are effective.  You will find that the foil cutting surface is designed in such a way that you can really press is in close to your skin and it won’t give you cuts or abrasions.  You won’t have to use any whisker preconditioners with this type of shaver, and the angle of the foil allows you to get the rotary cutters right to the base of you’re the whiskers.  You can use a Braun shaver to get a clean close shave every time, or some models even have a trimmer attached just in case you need to do this as well.  You will also find that each Braun electric shaver is a complete kit that comes with all the necessary attachments and a hard case travel bag as well.


Some of the most basic components of your Braun foil shaver include the patented cleaning system.  If you find that after years of service the blades need to be changed out you can obtain a series 700 pack that includes cutter refills, a foil replacement to change out dull ones, and a clean brand new cartridge refill pack.  The cartridge is easily capable to provide you with a clean close shave for an entire month without recharging.  The replacement kits also come with a cleaning fluid that is used to lubricate your electric razor.  The screen foil is designed to both clean the foil and provide you a shave without getting cuts to your skin.  There are also additional accessories you can buy such as an activated syncro shaver cutter, shaver caps to keep them protected, different types of cleaning brushes,  a face conditioning gel for after the shave, and an energy saver battery charger.  You will find that your Braun razor offers all of these accessories at reasonable prices. 

If you find that your wet razor and cream are taking too much time and not giving you the shave you want it is time for you to consider Braun razors. Find out more information, reviews, and availability for Braun razors by visiting http://braunrazors.org

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Elijiah Rampart is an internet researcher on health and fitness issues for men.   He is particularly interested in finding the best electric shavers available.  Find out more information on electric razors by visiting http://braunrazors.org

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