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December 29, 2005 by The Gossip Chic  
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All Soft

All Soft
How much of a difference to cut all sodas in my diet?

If I stop all the drinks and spirits in my diet and drink only water how much this effect my weight? Also, if I do it with a little exercise every day, how quickly could expect to lose weight? Thanks! During the last week I've been drinking only water, but before I was to have more than 8 glasses a day of refreshment and perhaps a glass of water. I currently do not exercise at all and I am planning to add an hour a day to include cardio and weight training.

gaseous court alone and switching to water will help you lose a minimum 1 pound per month. Not much, but every pound of weight can make a difference. Cut drinks also reduce your sodium intake, which is very important if you have pressure blood pressure or a family history of it. Furthermore, changing the water, save $$$$$$!

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