Anti Aging

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Anti Aging

Anti Aging

Everyone wants to look young. Unfortunately we can not stop the aging process. Once you cross the 3's are starting to feel there is no hope of being anyomore beautiful. Or is it?

In fact, there are many ways you can feel younger and more beautiful. You have to take care of himself, both inside and outside. Most men and women do not realize that there are many anti-aging treatments from simple you can use to prevent or slow aging.

There are 2 main types of anti aging:

1. Natural: This type of aging is hereditary and is due to genes and is therefore very difficult to prevent.
2. Un-Natural: This is caused by extrinsic factors such as exposure to sun, about drinking, poor eating habits, etc.

Comparing both types of aging, can reach a conclusion that can prevent the second type of aging.

Here are some tips for prevention of unnatural aging:

1) You must maintain a diet that is low in sugar and fat.
2) You need to consume lots of water, ie 5 to 8 glasses of water daily.
3) You must exercise regularly. This will help you look younger.

In addition, you can consider the fight against the following aging treatment products: --

1. The anti-aging treatment (cream):

People whose skin is always exposed to the sun are increased risk because the sun can cause wrinkles on the face. Thus, anti-wrinkle creams have become a leading anti aging treatment products today. Dozens of anti aging wrinkle creams have entered the anti-aging market. But that does not mean that all these creams are good. The introduction cream of many "herbal and ayurveda" has made it difficult for women to decide on which product is right for them. So choose carefully.

2. The anti-aging treatment: (Genetic Treatment)

The most dynamic aspect of genetic research is to create treatments genetic to combat aging. Geneticists say that humans have 30,000 genes active. As we grow, these genes become inactive, at last instance, the results are seen in aging. With respect to the researchers, the anti-aging treatment to animals is likely to continue over the next years before human trials begin. Thus, this anti-aging treatment will bless the next generation.

3. The anti-aging treatment (copper peptide treatment):

One of the anti aging treatments is that treatment boomingtoday copper peptide. Copper is usually found in small amounts in our cells. When this becomes copper peptides results in the regeneration skin. Since copper is an antioxidant, free radical damage that leaves a better skin.

4. Treatment against aging through vitamin pills:

We have anti-aging vitamins to suppress free radicals. They are the strength of protection against free radicals. Here are some anti-aging important vitamins: --

i) Vitamin C - It lowers blood pressure. Combat the cold and flu. It is also a very good anti-aging agent treatment.
ii) Vitamin E - is a good complement of oxidants. Helps maintain healthy cells and acts as a good agent skin and hair repair.
iii) Vitamin A - is a very good antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals in the body which causes the tissue and cell damage. It also has retinol, which helps to keep the skin and eyes moist.

Apart from using vitamins as a treatment against aging, it is always best to go with proper eating habits too.

5) HGH or human growth hormone is another product that you can choose to fight against aging. This is the last in the field of combating anti-aging treatment and its effects have been proven in many cases. HGH supplements, for example, can induce the body to produce more natural HGH, what that results in look and feel years younger.

As you can see, there are many anti aging treatments and they all play a vital role in human life. The Science is trying to find new cures for today and the treatment of skin care is at the frontiers of scientific research. So there is still incredibly hope for you young again.

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