Ash Blonde

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Ash Blonde

Ash Blonde

The experiment began in a circle of spiritual warriors. The question raised by the group was: "What mask or character would be the most difficult for you in step? What image do you want do not want to represent? Who else judge outside of yourself? "

Working independently, rebellious, struggling artist, I have heard, "Become a business person, wear a suit and tie every day and have a lot of money." From a butch lesbian male was comfortable, "Shave my legs and wear dresses and makeup." a successful businesswoman said: "Being a street person, neglected and dirty. "My response was:" Being a stereotypical ditzy, sexy blonde. "

My image of myself as a serious, spiritual teacher does not have Jive things considered culturally with blonde: silly, sexy, funny, seductive. The mere idea of this energy associated with it made me shiver. In my mind I was funny, intelligent, reflexive, compassion, confidence, and gratifying. With my long brown hair and a little loose clothes, I felt safe and acceptable.

It was a comfort dangerous I realized. At any time we moved into our masks, no matter how good we think we are, we refuse to another part of ourselves. I had broken before masks, and knew that the tremendous energy we get to walk straight into our fears with open eyes.

Many years ago I moved from dilapidated, trailer is not running water in the middle of a huge horse ranch to a small apartment in Hong Kong. This imposing complex of apartments, one lived with my parents, located at least ten times as many people as I had left the city. My goal: to shape change in a young rebel politically active, independent a mature, hardworking entrepreneurs. It was just for the summer, of course. I wanted to pay my debt, and was curious if I could pull this covert operation off. I recognized that I stood outside the conventional world, for fear of losing my heart somehow be assimilated. And I knew the only way out was through.

On the plane to Hong Kong, I started a list of all the people I thought of interacting with the last twelve years in my college town: my dearest friends, lovers, teachers, students, acquaintances, even people whose names are forgotten. More than four hundred names filled my diary when I finished the list. Somewhere over the Pacific Ocean, began to take stock from the top of my list. One by one, I sent him the love and gratitude to each person, to breathe the return of all energy I had lost, the release of any power it had assumed. When I landed fifteen hours after I was ready to create a new dream.

I shave my legs, I cut my hair, taken a couple of business suits my sister got a job and reconciliation of stocks and bonds of Lehman Brothers Investment Corporation. I knew nothing about stocks and bonds. I was amused by a suit. But I was determined to engage with this new mask he feared. I worked 12-17 hours a day, often grab lunch and dinner at McDonalds. I loved it. I felt liberated from my past. I returned to the United States with a new confidence and sense of possibilities unlimited.

Over ten years later, in another important experiment, I went blonde. My mission: once again break my self-concept and activity limited willingly in what seemed like the most. It took me months to build up my nerve to go against the fears and agreements: "It will ruin my hair. I have a new group apprentices coming, I can be blonde and sexy. Not necessarily, anyway. "But once I felt fear, it was too late, I knew I had to.

The transformation took seven hours, as my hair went from brown, pink-orange and finally to platinum blonde. I returned from the hairdresser, magically attracted by the bright gold of oat straw in the Sun outside my window. I was filled with golden light, my hair blond in communion with all things of gold and filling every cell of my body with sunlight. The secret of the mystical life very enthusiastic blonde sometimes. Sunlight, hills gold, gold and long hair me opened to a new level of awareness and deep connection with the interior light honey gold.

But more times than not during the experiment blonde shuddered when I looked in the mirror of the new me. I felt embarrassed. I was wrong, too sensitive, too high. I wanted to be quiet and respectable. And yet, as Go seeing the fears and doubts and trials that came, I said: "No matter what it was, is, how people perceive you. All that matters is his pride, his connection with the divine, its connection with the wisdom of the natural world. "

Experiment results were fabulous: unexpected mystical connection; untying my need for approval at the levels it was not even aware of, sincere smiles for makeup, false Hollywood like blondes who once judged harshly, a new sense of playfulness and the silly joy, the release of my need to be seen as a spiritual teacher friendly, and coming to my true nature, giving a step in life from the inside out, not outside in.

I regained my inner blonde.

About the Author:

Heather Ash Amara weaves powerful practices of shamanic traditions to help people reach their potential. She apprenticed and taught extensively with Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements. She wrote Four Elements of Change and founded the Toltec Center for Creative Intent. She runs Spiritual Integrity Coaching with Raven Smith. Read more bold experiments from Heather Ash.

Article Source: - Notes from The Blonde Experiment: Releasing Self Concept to Find Freedom

Ash Blondes, Platinum and Gray by Jill Kirtsh

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