Rihanna’s unauthorized photo of attack released LAPD launches internal investigation!!

February 20, 2009 by marna  
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Los Angeles police launched an internal investigation Thursday night after a graphic photo reportedly of Rihanna with injuries from an alleged assault by Chris Brown surfaced on the Internet.

"The photograph has the appearance of one taken during an official domestic violence investigation," says a police statement. "The Los Angeles Police Department takes seriously its duty to maintain the confidentiality of victims of domestic violence."

The picture is a close-up of a young woman with her eyes closed and bruises and cuts on her forehead, lips and cheeks. PEOPLE has chosen not to post the picture, due to the nature of the case.

The LAPD said that on Thursday evening it "began receiving numerous inquiries about the release of a photograph associated with a domestic violence incident that occurred on February 8, 2009, involving entertainer Chris Brown."

As a result, the department began the internal investigation and called on the public's help for "information concerning the unauthorized release of the photograph."

"A violation of this type is considered serious misconduct, with penalties up to and including termination," police said.

Brown, 19, who released a statement saying he is "sorry and saddened," was arrested on a felony criminal threat charge Feb. 8. His case has not yet been presented by police to prosecutors.

Rihanna, who has not appeared in public since the alleged attack hours before the Grammy Awards, turns 21 on Friday.


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First Photos of Tiger Woods’s Son!

February 20, 2009 by marna  
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tiger woods240

Just 10 days old, Charlie Axel Woods has made his international media debut – with the son of golf champ Tiger Woods appearing on his dad's Web site.

In all, there are five photographs now published on Golf.com of Charlie and the family, who are all shown, in various stages, kissing the new arrival. Even the family dogs get into the picture.

Charlie was born Feb. 8, which prompted his proud father to post on his Web site: "Both Charlie and Elin are doing great and we want to thank everyone for their sincere best wishes and kind thoughts."

Sister Sam Alexis was born in 2007 – and, if these new photos are any indication, isn't shy about showing her love for her new little brother.

Speaking for himself, Sam and wife Elin Nordegren when Charlie arrived, Woods also said, "Elin, Sam and I are very excited for the new baby to arrive, although that's when the real lack of sleep begins."



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If Heath Ledger Wins, The Oscar Goes to Matilda

February 18, 2009 by marna  
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matilda ledger320

Heath Ledger's performance in The Dark Knight has garnered praise throughout the awards season.

And if the late actor wins the Oscar for best supporting actor this Sunday, his daughter Matilda, 3, has been named the eventual owner, according to the Associated Press.

Matilda is the only child of the star, who died of an accidental overdose of prescription drugs last year. He was 28.

"In the event that Heath Ledger should be selected as the supporting actor recipient, the statuette will be held in trust for his daughter by her mother, Michelle Williams, until Matilda reaches the age of 18," Bruce Davis, executive director of the academy, told the AP.

"At that point, she may execute what we call an heir's agreement and keep the statuette forever – or, if she chooses not to do that, it will return to us."

If and when Matilda signs the contract, she would be entitled to receive the statuette on her 18th birthday, Oct. 28, 2023.

In January, Legder won a Golden Globe award, which his mother told PEOPLE would go to Matilda.



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Margaret Cho has something to say about Miley Cyrus

February 16, 2009 by marna  
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margaret cho

A week after Miley Cyrus addressed her photo flap, the singer continues to draw criticism from some in the Asian community – including Korean comedian Margaret Cho.

Cyrus denied she was mocking Asians when a photograph of her pulling at the corners of her eyes surfaced on the Internet. "There are some people upset about some pictures taken of me with friends making goofy faces," Cyrus wrote on her official Web site. "Well, I'm sorry if those people looked at those pics and took them wrong and out of context!"

In turn, Cho took to her blog on Wednesday to condemn Cyrus's actions, posting the lyrics to a song she wrote about the Disney star.

"I am so upset by Miley Cyrus, I think it warrants a song," she wrote on her blog.

Among the song's lyrics: "All you have to do is pull at your face; To make your eyelids resemble our race; This kind of joke has no proper place; Miley Cyrus is a disgrace!"

Following criticism over her initial response, Cyrus posted a second apology on her fan site, saying, "I really wanted to stress how sorry I am if the photo of me with my friends offended anyone. I have learned a valuable lesson from this and know that sometimes my actions can be unintentionally hurtful."


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The Scoop on USHERS’ WIFE

February 16, 2009 by marna  
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tameka usher240

A Brazilian plastic surgeon has revealed details of the procedure that temporarily left Usher's wife, Tameka Raymond, in a medically-induced coma.

Two months after giving birth to the couple's second son, Raymond, 38, traveled to Brazil to have liposuction on her stomach, says Ellen Dasptry, a rep for Sao Paulo plastic surgeon Dr. Silvio Sterman, who was to have performed the surgery.

"Tameka Raymond came here on Friday to do a liposuction. Shortly after she went under [general] anesthesia, she suffered a cardiac arrest," Dasptry tells PEOPLE.

Induced Coma
Raymond never had the liposuction. According to Dasptry, after her cardiac arrest, Raymond was immediately revived and placed in an induced coma.

"When an attack like this happens, the doctors put the patient to sleep... and make sure that everything is okay and that there has not been any damage," explains Dasptry. "This is the protocol every time and this is what was done."

After a day in the ICU, Raymond was transferred to a larger facility, Sao Paulo's Hospital Sírio-Libanês, considered one of the finest in Brazil, says Dasptry. After nearly a week of recovery, she "is doing very well," says the surgeon's spokeswoman.



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