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Automatic Lip Pencil

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Automatic Lip Pencil
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Hot Chocolate Eyes

How to know if your wife is cheating on you... Second Edition

This article is designed to be the only information that you will require to find out if your wife is cheating on you. The following is a list of items required for investigation. I can answer questions that you may have about the text or other items. Keep in mind, I have been where you are right now. You are not alone.

  • 3"X5" spiral notebook in order to write information for you to remember or to write notes as you acquire them.
  • Multiple writing utensils (pens, pencils, etc…)
  • A cell phone to communicate with people who may be assisting you.
  • Keep this article on you while you are in the process of documenting your activities. Sometimes, you may have to read the information a few times before you memorize the material.
  • A hat, coat, shoes, etc… need to be purchased and kept in a place where your significant other can not find them. Purchasing these items is so you will not be noticed and can blend in to crowds.


We all have some sort of personal issue that may interfere with your goal (to find out if your wife is cheating on you). You must stay on course, and see it through. I have researched resistance in the psychology field. Resistance occurs while attempting to achieve ours goals. An indicator of resistance is sudden fatigue. This may occur during your fact-finding expedition.

Keep in mind, your future, your family, and your life is at stake. Finding out now can significantly reduce any damage that may have occurred if you went in to the marriage with blinders on, or without following my article.

Now that we have set your goal (finding out if your wife is cheating on you), we have to establish your individual path of research. What’s first? How do we get started?

I have found the most efficient way of researching your wife is to follow the same steps of how to research an investment opportunity. Follow these steps.

  • Utilize the Internet to find certain information about your wife. Some information is free and some you must purchase. I suggest you purchase a visa or master card that you can load money onto. This will significantly reduce the opportunity for any identity theft issues.
  • Request that the two of you should compare credit reports in order to plan future purchases (for example, house or vehicle).
  • Ask her about her past relationships, why they broke up, how long was her longest relationship, how short was her shortest relationship?
  • Ask of illnesses in her family, any possible diseases that could be passed down to your family. Ask if there are any mental illnesses in her family as well.
  • It’s a bit strange at first. After a little while of investigating, it will feel somewhat easier. Some people may say that it is too extreme. If we were to spend $5000.00 for an investment, we would research the company inside and out. That’s just a small amount of $5000.00. Your wife and your family are your life. It makes perfect sense and is not too extreme.

The one possible item that you need to keep in check, are your emotions. In this case, your emotion is a character flaw that may effect your research. Your love for her will cloud your judgement. In order to maintain your focus, follow these instructions:

  • In order to keep your goal on track; you may need to consult with someone for motivational purposes. I am available at
  • Telling a friend or your best friend is risky. This project must remain private. If you choose to share your goal with someone, you must choose the person very carefully. If it gets out, your are dead in the water.

At this point I would like to answer questions that I believe you may have. If these don’t answer your question, you can reach me at

  • Has anyone used this system successfully?
  • Yes. Numerous times.


  •  What should I do if I find out that my wife is cheating?
  • This would depend greatly upon your personal situation. There are too many variables to go over at this time. This is a subject for another article entirely.


  • What should I do if I feel the need to discuss this with someone?
  • This is when you need to find a very good friend without loose lips. They would not sink your ship; they would blow it out of the water with you on it.


Fighting off your emotional attachments

I won’t lie to you. You must have the exact opposite general take of the law. You must believe that your wife is guilty until proven innocent. If you find that she is actually innocent you will have documentation of her loyalty to your marriage. I can tell you exactly what to do and how to do it. However, you must do the work yourself. You can’t have someone else do your work for you.

One, if you hire someone to do the work for you, you are not seeing the evidence through your eyes and you need to see what she is doing. When you actually see it with your own eyes, it hurts. You need to remember that hurt every time she tries to make up with you. Two, there is documentation of the investigation somewhere either than with you. You don’t want anyone else to tie you with the investigation. You do it; you burn it when you are finished. Three, a private investigator can influenced in many ways (for example, they can be paid off by your wife if he is caught watching her).

Women sometimes will go to great lengths to save face. If there were a child involved, in a separation or divorce, she would do almost anything to achieve her goal.

Regardless of who gets custody, both the mother and father need to be in the children’s life. This is the time to put aside personal issues and be there for your children.



We have all been through it in one way or another. Whether you are a teenager or adult, single or divorced, we have all been through it. It may have taken a little while, but we have all given in to the woman at some point in our relationships (submission). We break down and tell them our inner most secret thoughts and most vulnerable parts of our not so complex minds. Then, what do they do with that information? They use it against us! They bitch when we keep that sensitive side to our selves and use it as ammunition against us when we finally open our hearts. So there you are, all is out in the open. There are no more secrets or questions about how both of you feel about each other. Finally, no more games. We can finally relax and live our life with the one we love.

Wake up people! This is not a movie. The good guys don’t always win. The boy doesn’t always get the girl here in the real world. Suddenly, she starts acting a little distant. She doesn’t do those little things that she used to do that made you laugh and smile. You have been in relationships before. You recognize the signs. You think she might be interested in someone else.

What do you do? Where do you go from here? You have finally broken down in front of a woman, she unlocked your heart and you told her your deepest passionate feelings for her and now this happens.

For now, we will give her the benefit of the doubt. Maybe she’s just having a bad day, maybe a bad week, maybe something happened at work that is bothering her, or maybe, just maybe she is cheating on you.

Your perspective changes from half full, skips half-empty and goes straight to empty. You are kicking your self in the ass for allowing someone in your heart as far as you allowed her to be. Demonstrating a bit of self-control, you don’t comment on her attitude, act as if nothing has happened, and you go on your merry way.

After you have collected your thoughts and calmed down a bit, you have decided to take matters into your own hands and find out what is going on in your relationship. After all, you have invested just as much time and effort into this relationship as she has. You have a right to know just what is going on with your relationship. I have compiled a list of ways that you can find out if she is cheating on you. This is not for the squeamish by any means. If you truly want to know than proceed. Keep in mind, once you have opened this box, there is know turning back. You will find that my suggestions are arguably full proof. In the remote chance that you may find her loyal, congratulations. You have found a loyal trustworthy woman. If not, follow my book, get proof of her infidelity, and run do not walk to the nearest exit.

The unwanted visitor


Let’s say that you think there might be someone in the car with her at some point through out the day. Don’t think find out. Also, check the passenger seat. Is the seat all of the way back, as if there was a person in the seat whom may have been tall?

There is a wonderful world of electronics out there. I suggest you take your part of that world and use it to your advantage. The following items can assist you in your journey to the truth.

  • A small tape recorder and either a small cassette or disk, or memory card can help you. I suggest that you buy some double-sided Velcro and fix it under the seat of the passenger seat. Be sure that there is plenty of memory in the recorder. You do not know when or where the recorder will come in handy. Let’s say that the tape records a ten-hour day. It records nine hours, fifty-nine minutes of nothing but her terrible singing voice. That said, in that one minute remaining you heard her speaking to another man. They were discussing their plans for this evening. The most important skill that you must acquire in order to achieve your goal is patients.

Also, there are tiny cameras you could install just about anywhere. For example, there are cameras that fit into a tiny pinhole in the wall. The cameras are virtually impossible to see.

  • There are both cameras and audio recorders that work in a more efficient manner. The camera will only record while there is motion detected and audio that only records when sound is detected. This will save both money and time.
  • The location of the recording devices is critical. They need to be as close to the subjects as possible, yet not too close. We don’t want them to be seen.


Reach out and touch someone


The cell phone has become a permanent part of our lives. We don’t just use it to make phone calls anymore. They are used to store ideas, make voice notes, used as a daily planner, store music, play a variety of ring tones, take and store pictures, connect to the internet, and much more.

With our busy lives, soccer practice, cheerleading practice, basketball summer league, we all store at least a few items that we don’t want other people to know. If you are not familiar with cell phones and how to store and retrieve information, I suggest you become an expert quickly. All you need is a couple of minutes with her cell phone and you can find out all you need to know about where she went, where she is going, who she talks to, the time of the call, and much more.

If she is not happy with her current cell phone and service, you go out and get her a new cell phone. First, activate the phone on-line and set all of the settings for her in advance. Charge the battery for her over night so she can use it right away the next morning. While you are taking care of all of these items for her, you are also signing up for call log retrieval features on-line. You can find what number was called, the time of day the call was made, how long the call lasted, and much more.

If you are not familiar with a certain number that she has called frequently, make the call yourself. You must dial *67 prior to the phone number and your number will be blocked.

There are many phone call search sites on-line for you to acquire the information you are looking for. Some of the sites are free and others charge a fee.

Where’s the sex?


Generally speaking, the first thing that vanishes in a bad relationship is the sex. They will usually blame it on something like being tired, not feeling well, or possibly something going on at work that is bothering them. We all know that this is not the case. I am not talking about a night or two of being tired or sick. I am talking about a constant denial of sex. When this happens, keep your eyes and ears open. Investigate and find out what is going on.

Dumpster diving


Check out her trash. You will be surprised what you can find out about her by way of her trash. Check the trash in all rooms and her car. Especially check the bathroom trash. You can find all the dirt you want about her in the bathroom trash.

Check out her purse. Look for phone numbers on little pieces of paper, matchbooks, and other items as well.

Look in her organizer. Check for any new entries or entries that may be incomplete. These incomplete entries may be incomplete because she does not want someone (namely you) to find out the missing information.

The scent of a woman


Be aware of any new smells on her, her clothes, or in her car. This may be a sign of her being unfaithful.

If she went out with "friends" stay up until she gets home. Meet her at the door and help her in, take her coat, ask if she had a good time, and act as if all is normal. Then tell her that you want to talk about something with her now. Tell her that it is important. If she dashes into the house when she gets home and heads straight for the bathroom and takes a shower, it’s quite obvious she doesn’t want you to see or smell something. This is proof enough for me that she is unfaithful.



If you have been together for a very long time and all of a sudden she wants different things to occur during having sex, ask why? It’s not as if you are complaining, just ask her why, why now? What happened between the last time and this time to change her approach?

Any woman who says, "I need may space" really means that she wants to have sex with other people. She might say, "I think we should see other people". This is code for I want to, or have already had sex with other men and she may feel badly about it. If she didn’t feel badly, she would have continued her charade and said nothing.



If you have a doubt whether or not she is cheating on you, you can always follow her or have her followed. This would be the only exception to having someone else helping you. The key to this is to obviously not be seen.

You can follow her to work, the store, or anywhere else. You can rent a car, or use someone else’s car. Always carry a camera or other electronic devices to record any kind of close encounter.

Talking heads


Look for anything that changes between the two of you that usually occurs on a regular basis. For example,

  • If the two of you usually say, "I love you" at the end of each phone call and she does not say it anymore, something is wrong. Either she doesn’t love you anymore, or she may love someone else.
  • In general, if her demeanor changes and continues for days, weeks, or months, again, something is wrong.

I heard it through the grapevine


To find out whether or not she still cares about you and the relationship, start a rumor about yourself. You know the people that love to gossip. Use them to your advantage. The rumor will be that you are seeing someone else. Be sure to add a few spicy details here and there. If she cares at all about you and your relationship, she will look for you seconds after she hears the rumor. If not, it’s over.

Life is too short


Whatever you do, when it comes down to the relationship being over, do not through in her face all of the things that you have done for her. One, it’s already over she won’t care. Two, if you were hoping for a remote chance of getting back together, you just blew it. No woman likes a man to have anything on her and hang it over her head. They need to think that they hold all of the cards. Don’t waste your time trying to comprehend her. It will be a waste of time. If you find that she does care for you, bring it all out in the open. Solve your problems and control the relationship. Life is too short to argue about every little thing. That being said, if she is cheating, dump her.

Right under your nose


Let’s say that there is a particular man that makes you uncomfortable when he is around your wife or girlfriend, or talks to her. He makes it plainly obvious that he is interested in her. They work together and it severely bothers you. You let her know that this behavior is not only childish and demeaning, but it is putting extreme stress on your family and your marriage.

You ask her to keep all contact with him to a professional level (this is something that is known without saying. After all, you have acquired a family, numerous years of memories together, and the poor child that will be devastated due to her lack of moral character and religious sins that she has committed). She understands your point and agrees to not see him unless it is needed for work related issues.

Months go by and the two of you go out to a work function / dinner. You show up with your girlfriend / wife to the event. You walk in the room and in the distance you see the man you do not like. He makes eye contact with you, turns around, and quickly begins to walk in the opposite direction.

At that exact time you know a couple of things. One, your wife / girlfriend has told him everything about you and how you feel about the two of them. Two, she has had conversations with him that you are not aware of. Three, she probably is cheating on you with him. Lastly, the unknown man is as week as a man can be. He proved that by running away like a little schoolgirl.

In conclusion, best case scenario, they are talking to each other without your knowledge. The worst case scenario (probably the truth of the matter) is that they have been intimate.

Special delivery


Women love this one if they are being true to you, and hate it if they are not. Just pop up at their work place with flowers. Make sure that her co-workers are around when you arrive.

If she is cheating on you, you will see a certain look in her co-worker’s eyes (the look of, I guess he doesn’t know about the other guy yet). This look will be obvious and immediate. Make sure to keep close attention to them, or you might miss it. They will probably say something to her when you leave. Something along the lines of it’s a shame it’s not working out or something like that. This may make her feel pretty bad. On the other hand, if she is being truthful to you, all will go well and you may even exchange a kiss and a hug. Her co-workers may even get in on the action.

Dinner and a movie


Continuing the same thought as before, pop up at her home (if you do not live with each other) unannounced. Say something like you are about to take her out to a surprise dinner. She just may have an unexpected guest in her home (unexpected to you that is). If in fact she is already eating with Joe Blow at the kitchen table, tell her "I can see you’ve already eaten" and walk away.

Beep you


If she uses a pager (beeper) for work everyday, this may be a way to see if she is being truthful.

Let’s say she has a routine. She comes home, puts her purse on the couch, shoes in the closet, jacket on the chair, and the pager on the table.

Recently however, she decides to erase all pages prior to placing the pager on the table (you notice this but don’t tell her).

The following day, meet her at the door to help her in. Allow her to take care of her coat, shoes, and jacket. Take her pager from her and say, "here let me help you with that honey, you’ve had a long day". If you get a fight from trying to take the pager, you automatically know what’s going on.

If you would have let her know the day before that you noticed her deleting the pages and asked her why, she would have started deleting them before she even got out of the car. Then you would have not had the chance to find out if anything was going on when asking to help her with the pager.

It’s all about the timing with a lot of these things. The right things at the wrong times can ruin it all for you and you’ll never know she’s cheating on you. Patience is the key.

Can you hear me now?


In the past when you and her went out together, you both would carry your cell phones. Occasionally, you would hear each other’s cell phone ring.

Now, she has her phone on vibrate, why? It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that someone may call that she doesn’t want you to know about.

Spineless weasel


If in fact you know the person she may be cheating on you with, you can contact him. This may be difficult, but keep your cool.

Us guys are usually predictable. Most of us want to brag about whom we have been with and what we have done with them. You shouldn’t have trouble getting information out of him.

At this point, if he does not take your call he simply does not have the common sense to carry a conversation with you. He may even purposely walk on the other side of the street in order to be as far away from you as possible. Again, he does not have the self-respect and honor to take care of the situation in a manly manner. He is nothing but a spineless piece of left over catfish intestines after it sat on the dock in a 100-degree day.


Love isn’t blind, it makes you blind


Find out how many miles it is from her home to her work. Check the mileage on her car, account for the mileage to and from work, and do the math. Ask her if she went anywhere else but to work that day. If it doesn’t add up, you know she is hiding something from you.

Some of these steps are very basic. That being said, you are wearing emotional blinders and need some sort of direction in your time of need.

Too much vino


Here’s a scenario. You take her out to dinner and all is going well. In the middle of dinner she goes to the bathroom (innocent enough). She’s gone for an extended period of time. This is a bit odd to you. Make sure you note the date and time of her "bathroom break".

Now, let’s go back to the cell phone section discussed before when I explained to you about the listed phone transactions you could get on-line.

You finish dinner and go home. When you have private time, log on to the web-site and research the exact date and time she had her "bathroom break". Check the time frame for any incoming or outgoing phone calls or text messages. It’s pretty sick if you find that she was talking to or texting some guy in the bathroom when she was out with you. You do not deserve this. You have the right to use any and all means to find out whether or not she is cheating on you in the crapper.

A few smaller tips to follow


  1. She doesn’t want to hold hands anymore when you go out. When she does, it seems as if she has to and doesn’t want to.
  2. There are no more little kisses (pecks) while the two of you are out together.
  3. There are no more conversations about your futures together.
  4. You have not heard her say how much she loves you in a long time.
  5. She doesn’t want to take a shower with you anymore.
  6. If you have children and they do something cute, you look at each other and give a little smile as to say, "we did that together". Now when you look at her she just looks away.

The two main reasons why marriages fail


The way I see it, there are two main reasons why relationships fail. Number one is financial trouble. Number two is infidelity.

Number one, just about everything in life revolves around money. You can’t even go to the park and enjoy each other’s company without spending at least some money. With gas prices extremely high, even the smallest trips can break the bank. That’s when arguments begin. You never have enough money to do or get anything you want. You barely have enough to get the things you need.

Number two is simple, she cheats, you find out, it’s over. There is no reason to complicate this one. There is no reason for cheating in a marriage. If you do not like the person you are married to and feel the need to be with someone else, stop seeing that person or dissolve the marriage. It’s not hard to know what the right thing is. It’s sometimes hard doing the right thing. Don’t rouine someone else’s life because of your insecurities.

I can’t say much for cheating. Like I said, there is no reason to complicate it, it’s wrong.

Financial problems however can be seen through. When you’re financial situation betters, and it will, you want to still have a relationship to enjoy. Money can always be made and it is replaceable. Like a good friend told me, "it’s only money not your life". I’ve always told my wife we need to use our relationship to help see us through the hard financial times. If we let our relationship go during these trying times, when our financial situation betters there will be no relationship left to go back to.

The bomb


You have finally found out that she is cheating on you. You’ve used my helpful hints and scenarios to discover the truth.

Now what? What do you do? You could always confront her. You could sit there and listen to all of the reasons why she cheated on you. None of them will make how you feel any better. In fact, it will probably make you feel worse. You can always act on your anger. Take a bat to the guy’s head. That won’t work either. You’ll end up in jail and the two of them will be making it on your bed while you’re in the pokey trying to dodge Bubba.

I absolutely hate the person who made up the phrase "try not to end the relationship on a bad note". This person must have been dead from the neck up, a complete and utter moron. If relationships were so good, they would not end. There is only one way to end a relationship, badly.

I found that the strongest statement or the best way to end a relationship when you have found out she has cheated on you, is to say nothing.

If you live together, pack up while she is at work, don’t leave a note, don’t call her, just leave.

If there are children involved you must take into consideration to care for the children. In many cases, spouses stay together for the sole reason of their children. This has never made much sense to me. You see the environment for the child becomes extremely volatile. It is actually better for the children if you leave. Coming home, for a child involved in a family situation that can turn bad by one cross-eyed look can be quite terrifying to a child. Therefore it is better for the children if you leave.

However, you must spend time with your children. Keep in mind regardless of what the two of you are going through, your children still need their mother and father in their life. What ever you do make sure you let them know that it was not their fault and do not make them pay for your personal down falls. Do not ever use your children as a strategic pawn in the ugly game of who can get more. The result of every game is Mom 1, Dad 1, and Child 0. The children always loose, always.

If you don’t live together, stop all contact with her. When she realizes that you have left or stopped all contact with her, you have "said" it all.

I can’t say enough about the children involved in bad relationships. As a very young man, I was caught up in the traditional stereotypes of relationships. My mother and father were married after my father got out of the Navy. Shortly after that, I was born. From that point forward, we evolved as a family. We went to family functions, and hosted family functions as well. That was a very good, secure, loving, and comforting time of my life.

Not too long ago now, I was having a conversation with my mother. I explained to her that those particular memories were the best memories of all.

My mother sat me down, looked me straight in the eyes and said, "the times that you are referring to were the most difficult times of our lives. I looked at my mother dumbfounded and asked, "what? Why?" My mother explained to me, "it was our job (my mother and father) to make sure that no matter what ever troubles that we may have been having in our lives, that you were always taken care of in every way possible." This approach has apparently been successful and has been passed down through generations of our family. You may call it a selfish thought, my family, and mine alone has cornered the market on positive upbringing by shielding our young from the tragedies of the real world.

Death of a marriage


Losing a loved one to divorce is in many ways, similar to losing a loved one to a death of some kind.

The things that you loose when a death occurs may also be lost when a divorce is granted. The following are 5 stages of divorce.

Stage 1: Retention:

One or both of you are not happy about something long before the word divorce is ever used. As time ticks away, the increased resentment bubbles over and creates an uncontrollable amount of the familiar edge that was purposely avoided throughout your time of reckoning.

Stage 2: Rage:

Rage, to put it simply, is a collection of every bully in school, cars that cut you off, the girl that turned you down for the prom, the wife that cheated on you with the last person you could ever have dreamed of… Take it all, add about 6 tons of C-4 explosives, and smoke them if you got them.

Stage 3: Separation:

Up to this point, friends and family are not aware of the problems (for the most part). Then you separate and let everyone know that you are not sharing the same bed. At this point, you loose the friends and family members from the other side of the family (for the most part).


Stage 4: Partial acceptance:

At this point, one of you more or less makes plans to move on. The one that kept the house / apartment, changes all of the utility bills into their name and things of that nature. A divorce with children is a horse of a different color, especially if there are young children involved. That is a topic for another article on its own. Just keep in mind that it is not their fault. Don’t let them suffer.

Stage 5: Full acceptance:

At this point, both of you have made changes in opposite directions attempting to live two separate lives. It could be very difficult for one or both of you emotionally. One of you may be in a state of depression, and you may need to seek some sort of medical assistance. Divorce for most, is one of the more difficult issues that you may go through in your life. To some, you may never truly get over it. Remember that divorce is the death of a marriage. For some, the depression lasts a long time. This is when you need to be around good friends and family in order to find some sense of normalcy and positive thinking. Believe it or not, there is a big world out there and you are a part of it. The only problem is, at this point getting into a rebound relationship may not be the right thing at this. You have just spent a significant amount of time and love that was not appreciated, understood, or returned. Look up an old friend, which may help.


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