Base Golden Medium

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Base Golden Medium

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Base Golden Medium
How do people get those gorgeous golden blonde tones after bleaching their hair?

I bleached my medium brown hair to a lemony yellow and toned it to a baby-blondish color. I'm wondering how to get those yummy, rich golden blonde tones I see in all the paparazzi pix. I used a violet-based toner to get the lemon out, but how do I put gold in?

A lot off the pics have golden blond low lights put in it too, most of the time, I will get a base color blond that looks good, and then go through and put in the other colors in there in small sections. If doing it home, you have a good base color it sounds like, you can go to a salon and have them just put in a few foils just on the top of the other color, or if you want to spend more money have them do it all over the head. You should only have to do this about every 4th time that you color, as long as you don't pull your color all the way through the ends and just do the roots when you have to do a retouch

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Cell - Medium Base

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Ways to Make Your MLM Home Based Business Profit

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No Requirements Except for a Willingness to Learn and Work Hard

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