Basic Color

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Basic Color

Basic Color

Basic Color

Savvy Fashion Basics

"Everyone sees the world based on our past experiences, beliefs, prejudices, needs and emotional states." Dr. Joe Rubino

How do you view the world of fashion? No two people think, dress or feel the same way about fashions. So, how to build costumes based on their knowledge of what feels right to you? What is a style in a manner acceptable to you? His style can not be the same as that of a close relative, your neighbor or a coworker.

How to sort the clothes in your closet? For the colors? For the stations? In the fabrics? Or like that? Any of these agreements is acceptable. And since the elements in a base cabinet are generally of a small number of clothing that can be mixed and matched with each other, a commitment to plan Careful is required.

A commitment to the minimum daily actions toward maintaining their clothing in, shape of the tip-top is essential. However, be consistent in the care of his daily wardrobe is a worthwhile achievement. Here are some points to consider:

Classification by color selection.

Neutral Aside from having a closet full of clothes in her favorite color, basic colors are black, brown, (and, as gray and beige), and navy. These colors Basic can be used and contrasted with the white and most light-colored tones.

Since black is considered the most basic of colors, you need most care to keep looking fresh and elegant. When dressed in black, make sure your makeup is bright and cheerful.

The warm color and the flatter rich brown skin and hair. The many shades of brown that can not all be used together, and requires caution in playing the different tones.

Clothing in neutral colors should be carefully coordinated with the other colors used. The shades appear delicate when paired with darker colors.

Marina goes well when used with red, lilac or pink, gold, and is perfect with white.

Sorted by seasons

This is an easy task. The four main changes are: fall, winter, spring and summer. Most of us divide our clothing into two groups. Fall and winter can be used grouped together, and spring and summer bring together. Old items can be replaced, as each new season begins.

Sorting through the choices of fabric.

Most of his canvases are selected by the seasons or the weather. As often as possible, choose versatile, easy-care fabrics that you can use all year. These include its lightweight wools, denims, shirts, and all natural fibers like silk and cotton. When selecting your fabrics, always buy good quality.

Classification by Styles

His style is determined by your personality, taste, and what looks good on you. No matter what style you choose, your clothes should reflect your sense self-esteem or confidence. And always match your style to the occasion for the use.

The colors, fabrics, and style make up the largest parts and most important of your fashion wardrobe. Not too many women can afford to have a complete new wardrobe every season. Thus, in order to be fashionable and knowledgeable from one season to the next, continue with the basic colors in their coats, dresses, pants and dresses. Then, you can always add a start date, scarf or accessory to be in style.

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