Blow Dry

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Blow Dry

Blow Dry

Blow dry hair to create volume of limp hair a lift without fighting the frizz that blow drying often causes. Experts at Compton hair will guide you to do blow dry hair and achieve maximum volume and shiny finish.

To dry your hair first wash your hair with a moisturizing shampoo that provides extra moisture to protect your hair from the effects of the blow dryer. After a little hair towel to stop the leaking. Separate your hair into 4-6 sections.

Then blow dry hair starting at the top / roots, six inches away from your scalp. Then work your way down and move the dryer around never dry in a movement upwards. Stop blow-drying hair at the time when your hair dries.

You can also fly on dry hair to get the shine. The more you brush your teeth and use the dryer, the more shine you will get. Roll the hair around the brush and direct the nozzle into your hair, slowly unroll by brushing down and out.

When you blow dry hair, it is important to direct air downward, not the hair shaft, as its strength the hair cuticles to be flat. And makes your hair soft and shine. You should wait for a few seconds to let the hair cool before removing the scrub.

Then start blasting cold air on this section of hair. To stop any accidentally run your blow dry hair style home in the back and move from bottom to top. Also make sure each section dry completely before moving on to another.

If you're going to blow dry hair at home, he should start in the area of explosion, with a brush. And if your hair is long, go to a large brush. More than directing her hair, wrapping it around the roots dry brush to create lift and volume.

Keep the brush to make the area cool and then keep the hair all the way to the end of the brush. Coming from the beginning of the next section at the top of the head, working all the way down and around to finish blow dry the hair.

When title = "Drying of hair"> Hair Drying keep the dryer in a comfortable position. Do not approach too close to the head as this will damage your hair and scalp. You can use your fingers to lift the roots. Then the curvature of the section of your hair around the brush and apply heat. Then you have to rotate the brush in your fingers and repeat this process until dry hair.

While a blow dry your hair quality should be used. Compton used in hairdressing quality dryers to blow dry hair. There are a number of dryers available in the market, but we recommend being imposed on low heat.

Along quality dryer also need a round brush that style is big enough for your hair. The larger the brush, hair have more volume and it is beneficial that contains holes that allow air to pass through the undergrowth.

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How To Blow Dry Your Hair

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