Blow Dryer

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Blow Dryer

Blow Dryer

Ever since people realized that his hair is more than a protection for the heat, have been altering their hair to reflect your taste and personality. Hair is the crown of the beauty of each person, so it's not hard to understand why people invest in their hair so much.

There are many ways to improve your hair. Some people various chemicals used to straighten, curl, or even repair your hair. Dyes have been used for generations to alter the color of hair. Since the invention of scissors and combs, people have their hair style without limits.

With the advent of hairdressing equipment, hairstyles have become even more varied. In addition, these devices can even make hair more convenient, more efficient and easier.

One of the most common hairdressing apparatus is the hairdryer. Hair dryers blow a jet of hot air through nichrome, creating a jet of hot air that is used to dry wet hair.

Here are some ways on how to effectively use your hair dryer to achieve perfect results.

1. First, we must remember that the Bad blow drying can damage hair. Extreme heat can raise the hair cuticle up, drain the hair of natural moisture that gives it its shine, and can cause brittle hair. For this reason, never use the high value of their hair blow dryer.

2. After bathing, before using your hair dryer, squeeze out excess water and pat, not rub, your hair with a towel. This not only produce better results, pre-drying your hair blow-drying makes faster.

3. The dryer on low or medium heat. Remember, high heat can damage the hair. Moreover, instead of setting the dryer at high temperatures, you may want to put high speed.

4. When blow drying your hair, do not hold the dryer too close. Even if the dryer is set on low heat, extreme concentration of hot air when placed close to the hair can actually damage the hair, as if the dryer was on high.

The ideal distance is about six to eight inches away from your hair.

5. Blow drying is more efficient if the section of your hair. Always start at the bottom of your hair.

6. When brushing, start at your neck. Then move the hair to one side, then toward the crown.

7. When brushing, point the jet of warm air along the hair the direction of the ends. Avoid blowing against the direction of your hair.

8. Extra protection against damage to your hair, use a thermal protector.

9. Always use the nozzle attachment always blow your hair dryer.

10. While brushing, brush your hair quickly. At the same time, move the dryer. No concentrate the heat flow only part of her hair.

11. If you want your hair to dry faster, apply a blow drying lotion to your hair first.

12. Once your hair is at least 80 percent dry, style the way you want to use combs, brushes, curlers, etc.

13. Finally, to maintain the style in place, apply a light coat of light-Hold Hairspray.

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