Blush Bronzer Sunkissed

November 26, 2009 by The Gossip Chic  
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Blush Bronzer Sunkissed

Blush Bronzer Sunkissed
What are the best MAC and Clinique products?

I feel like splurging today and I just bought much needed makeup yesterday (heeheeeeee)
I went to clinique and updated some "superbalanced makeup" and bought a the sunkissed bronzer that went fabulous w. it. Went to MAC and bought "mocha" blush and "studio sculpt concealer" (which I tried as a sample and was great") and I got a brown/black concealer fr. covergirl...nothing too much. I still have mascara, eyeshadows, moisturizer, skin care stuff...but not sunscreen...

I'm itching to get one more thing. I already have bronzer (which is perfect)...was thinkin of getting another MAC blush (maybe a brown one for my skintone? i'm NW30)...or eyeshadows? (had my eye on cranberry or satin taupe or sketch)....but I'm tryin to cut down on eyeshadows and be more "natural" (i already am simple w. my makeup as it is) and am into "blushes" more..

pink lipgloss??? :)

no lip colors? mac has some great ones. i also love the mac eye liners and maskaras.

clinique, i tend to use more for skin care stuff.
i love the clinique pore minimizer, also, the "now reveal newborn skin" line

edit: yep. pink is good. also, i like getting clear lipgloss, then i mix it with the color of blush or eyeshadow im wearing so it matches

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