Body Works

March 14, 2005 by The Gossip Chic  
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Body Works

Body Works
Why Bath and Body Works make great products and how do I get him aside?

Bath and Body Works has discontinued my favorite products and I'm going crazy! I looked on Ebay and no one does, how can my hands on something? Your body scrub skin renewal, any fragrance will. Please help me! And why leave such wonderful product?

Have you tried calling around stores? Sometimes they have some ad / C'D product sitting in the stockroom that off. Try calling different stores, if one must be able to ship to a local store so that you can pick up or let you pay for it with a cc and send to you. The d / C'D one of my favorite scents and I was able to find a store that had a couple in backstock, so we hope this works for you!

Haul #6 : Bath and Body Works, and Yankee Candles

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