Britney Spears’ Father Takes Control, Sam Lufti Calls Britney’s Family Crazy

February 2, 2008 by Susan  
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Today a judge gave Jamie Spears, Britney Spears' father, control of her medical treatment and finances at least until Monday when another hearing will be held in court. The judge also issued a 21-day civil harassment restraining order on Sam Lufti.

Sam Lufti responded by talking to Us Magazine. He had the following words to say about Britney's parents and family:

About Britney's family, Sam Lufti said, "Oh boy, her family is crazy."

About the night Britney's family arrived to take her to UCLA Medical Center for evaluation and treatment, Sam Lufti said, "The dad gave up and then the mom tried to talk to her, but Lynne was like, ‘I gotta get my beauty sleep, I gotta get my nails done, I gotta do my hair.’ It was just so sick. We made the mom stay.”

Sam Lufti also referred to the most recent attempt by Britney's family to get her help as, "at least their fourth."

About Britney's mental state Sam Lufti said she has "mixed state bipolar" where she suffers from symptoms of mania and depression at the same time, and she has had it for "roughly five years."

Sam Lufti also said he has told Britney, "Britney, do you see why people think you are crazy? Look at your mother and look at your father."

The saga continues. Hopefully, Britney will get the help she needs.

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