Britney Spears: Poster Girl for Why Not to Visit a Tanning Salon

October 14, 2007 by Susan  
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Britney Spears was caught leaving a Malibu tanning salon last night looking like a leathery, sunspotted old lady.  Check out the pics.  She even needed her assistant to hold onto her arm to help her waddle around. 

And why, I ask you, is she wearing those sunglasses at night and trying to drive with them on?  Didn't she learn in driver's ed when she finally got her California driver's license recently that driving at night while wearing sunglasses is a no-no?  Maybe since she's Britney and this is California, she didn't have to take driver's ed or a written test.  I'm not sure how the celebrity driver's license process works in L.A.

And another Britney Spears question, why does she always look a bit insane?  What's with that Crest White Strips smile for the cameras?

And my final Britney Spears question for the day, can't she afford to get her own tanning equipment in her house? 

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Photo source: Dlisted

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