Bronze Loose Powder

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Bronze Loose Powder

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"Sunspill" and "Golden Bronze" Loose Powders Review

How to Pick the Best Foundation

Shopping for the perfect foundation seems as though it should be a fairly simple enjoyable task. While it should be FUN you currently have so many available options on the market today with the same amount of propaganda that it makes shopping for foundation very confusing. Now ADD…Pretty packaging in addition to a crafty convincing Cosmetic counter girl and this whole shopping process can send you home with a totally wrong foundation for your skin. Be a smart consumer! when selecting the best foundation for your specific need and lifestyle. Foundations are not at all like they were in the dark ages of your mother. My mom used to wear Max Factor’s Pancake make-up…Get the picture? Yes! It looked as if you had painted thick latex paint on your face. Foundations are currently available in a wide variety of creams, lotions and even powders today. You will also find that coverage can be from a bare minimum to practically bulletproof.

Keep in mind your objectives and goals when shopping for just the perfect foundation. Most women just need foundation to hide small skin imperfections as well as evening out their skintone. If you require additional concealing, then you will want to purchase an additional product or two to correct you exact skin imperfections and/or blemishes.

It seems as though Mineral Make up has hit the seen with avengence. It is the hottest thing going in the foundation arena. You will find that you apply Minerals with a large brush. They come in both pressed and loose powders although both are equally messy. They generally create a fairly dewy, flawless light finish. Speaking of light they do reflect light in a luminious manor. You can find minerals from Walmart to Saks and all points in between with many in each category worth check out.

You will find many types of foundations on the shelves and at your local department counters to entice you. Some of choices availalbe are tinted moisturizers most of which pose as bronzers, compact foundations, most of which are very heavy, whipped foundations which generally offer only a light coverage.

On to Liquid Foundations…I tend to go back to liquid foundation everytime. It is so easy and simple to blend to a flawless finish using a brush. You will also find that the blending capabilities allow you to add new pearlizers, shadows, bronzing powders to your foundation to create the luminousity you want to achieve. Foundations are offered in both Oil based or Water based as well as fragrance free. Many Foundations on the market are now on non-comogenic, which means they will not clog your pores. Plenty of those non-comogenic foundations are also long lasting and some are waterproof.

Hope this helps you with choosing your new foundation. If all else fails…ask your friends and even a few strangers what they wear. If you find some new great ones out there, please share with me.

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