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Brush Set More

Brush Set More
What sizes and variety of watercolor brushes makes a good and basic set?

I am looking at buying Winsor and Newton sable blend and don't want to spend more than 100.00 to get me going.

I have a Grumbacher Golden Edge size 12 brush. It's the only one I ever use for watercolor. It's tapered down to a point, so you can make fine lines or hold it at an angle for broader strokes. It think it cost about $20.

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Rob'n - Pink Sigma Brush Set (& More Storage)

Brush Guard your Trucks and Cars

One of the most effective ways of protecting the front of your truck is by installing a brush guard. Aside from protection it also provides the vehicle with a customized look. A brush guard also enhances the front of a truck providing it with a meaner look that will set it apart from the rest of the trucks on the road.

Trucks are not the only vehicles that make use of brush guards; passenger cars also used brush guards although some may think that it’s quite an odd addition. Police departments used brush guards on their cars as well.

There are different names used for brush guards such as grill guard or a push bar. But regardless of what it is called, the brush guard is a bar that may be installed across the front of a vehicle to protect it from debris which gives sense to the brush part of its name.

The brush guards used for trucks are called truck brush guards, which is quite self explanatory. These particular brush guards are important especially since trucks are basically utilized for off-road terrains. The large bar a brush guard shield the front of the truck in a similar way as a bumper does. But comparing it to the bumper it does more by protecting the headlight lenses with its smaller bars and still enables headlights to shine through.

For drivers who are not used to off-roading may consider brush guards as an irrelevant add-on to their vehicles. However what they do not know is that these brush guards can prevent any possible damage to the front of their vehicles especially in the event of a low-speed accident. Low-speed, rear-end collisions can cost hundreds of dollars in damage to a vehicle and in cases such as this it really pays to have a brush guard attached to the front of your vehicle.

Without a brush guard once you hit something with the front of your car you are likely to damage the bumper, headlight assembles, sheet metal, and when impact is really strong your radiator or air conditioning condenser may also be affected. Having all of these parts fixed can prove to be a really expensive venture however with the installation of a brush guard you can avoid incurring such expensive repairing costs.

Most drivers install a brush guard on their vehicles to obtain a customized look. Brush guards are easy to install and in most instances they are prefabricated to fit your vehicle through predrilled bolt holes to make it easier for you to line up the brush guard and bolt it into place. Although it is true that the predrilled holes makes it easy to bolt into place the brush guard but since its quite heavy you may need for some assistance in installing the guard.

It is also advisable to install a winch on your vehicle attach to the brush guard. The winch also provides additional protection in case of frontal vehicular accidents. Brush guards are basically offered in either black or chrome but there are various choices when it comes to style. There are brush guards that cover the center of the front bumper and there are also others that wraps around the headlights.

And also don’t forget to choose a reputable manufacturer in choosing a brush guard. And make sure that the brush guard you purchase is neither too big nor too narrow for your vehicle’s front. Choose a brush guard that fits just right for your vehicle’s make or model. Don’t always go for a one size fit all brush guard since it may not provide your car with the looks that you may want to achieve for it.

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