Building Fibers

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Building Fibers

Building Fibers

Fast-twitch muscle fibers seem to get the full attention of those seeking to build muscle fast. This is understandable to some extent. After all, fast-twitch fibers produce greater muscle strength and have a greater potential for growth of slow-twitch fibers. But there is more to building muscle simply stimulate fast-twitch fibers.

If your goal is to build muscle fast, then is necessary to stimulate all types of muscle fibers to grow. After all, just because fast-twitch muscle have the highest growth potential does not mean they do not want the slow-twitch fibers to grow well. By focusing only on fast-twitch fibers that are cutting their earnings short.

In addition, the type of exercise that is typical of any fitness routine relies heavily on slow-twitch fibers. Most fast-twitch fibers do not have the stamina for more than 10-20 seconds of work. However, it is not uncommon for groups of 8-15 repetitions to last 40-60 seconds or more. This is where slow-twitch muscle into strong without slow-twitch fibers of these devices is not possible.

Moreover, you are stronger if you can use all your muscle fibers together. If you are only using your fast-twitch fibers, then they are not producing as much force such as the slow-twitch and fast twitch fibers combined. As you may know, there is a strong correlation between muscle strength and size, increasing their strength through the use of all available muscle fibers is a necessity.

Please Note that I am not suggesting that someone has the ability to hire only their fast-twitch fibers in a whole but some of the debates I've heard this seems to be a target for some people. I am here to say that is not only possible but also not desirable if the goal is to build muscle fast.

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