Bumble Bumble Curl

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Bumble Bumble Curl

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Bumble Bumble Curl
Can't decide between two shampoos?

I have naturally thick/coarse/very curly hair and I can't decide between Redkin Fresh Curls or Bumble & Bumble Creme de Coco. I know the last one isn't for curly hair but reviews say it works great on dry/frizzy hair, which is what I have. Both got GREAT reviews. If you use any of these what do you think? Which is better? They're both expensive but cost isn't an issue.
Thanks!! :-]

Hi, well you are right thy are both great products I use more Redken products then any thing else so I say I would go with the fresh curls this is one that I use on my hair and I sell alot of this product in my salon.

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Curly Hair using Bumble And Bumble

Different hair styles

Different hair styles

Proper styling of hairs play a very vital role in giving you that desired look which is perfect as per your face and other facial features. Indeed a small change in one’s hairstyle can change the complete look of that person. Comfortable and easy to maintain hair styles are a dream of everyone – adults and children alike.

For people with curly hairs, there are couple of hair styling tips - Don't shampoo every day, comb conditioner through hair in the shower, never use a brush on dry hair, only untangle when the hair is wet, and apply styling products to dripping wet hair. Use styling products suited for your hair type.

And if you have the oval shaped head then makes sweeping bangs across the front of your face. It makes your face look a little shorter and draws attention to your jaw and cheekbones. Straight, sleek styles work very well on oval faces. If you want to wear your hair up, try a lowish ponytail or a big bun/chignon thing toward the nape of your neck.

For longish hairs, try these hair style – half curl thing - the messy waves look the movie stars love... blow your hair out but don't make it too straight, and plug in a 1 inch barrel curling iron (the big one). Grab about an inch wide section of hair and close the curling iron about two inches from the ends of your hair, not at the very bottom. Curl the iron up until about 2 inches from your scalp, and hold it up and down. Pull it out and spray it with a light hairspray, like Bumble & Bumble classic hairspray. Do this all over your head and don't brush it out.

That is why it is crucial to use a good hair oil like Mira hair oil

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Why use Mira? It is not just a hair growth formula; it is a complete hair nourishing and beautifying treatment! Even if you have healthy hair and want to make it even more beautiful and healthy-this is it! Plus it has no smell and no side effects!

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