Bumble Damage

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Bumble Damage

Bumble Damage

Do not do this!

Over the years I've had my share of near disasters, mistakes and lessons learned (or not). I suppose all began in the seventies, when the train hit my camera. I just started at the time and wanted to shoot a spectacular shot of a moving train for my portfolio. I to the local camera shop and spoke to them on loan I Nikkor 20mm wide angle. I set my camera on a tripod near the tracks, real close to the tracks.

As the train approached and I started shooting as soon as the last engine I had to take a step back. The sound and fury of a train a few feet away at full speed for more fifty miles per hour was more than he could handle. I moved away from a dozen feet and watched in horror as the train sucked my camera tripod and the right to she. When the train finally passed I recovered the pieces. Never found the third leg of my tripod. You should have seen the clerk at the camera store when he poured his glass back on the counter!

A blown power pack and a glass of Coca-Cola

In another example of "do not This "also by a train, I was hired to photograph the inside of one of the big diesel locomotive engines. The cylinders are literally big enough as for download in. Anyway, I was lighting a study Balcar power pack and three heads. I was shooting with a Hasselblad. Once I got a Polaroid look I moved quite well to the film.

After three or four exhibitions in a way a piece of metal dislodged from somewhere, I can not remember how happened, but the metal fell through my power cord shorted out and blew up my power supply. End of shooting! After only three or four exhibitions for a photo shoot large is a bit disconcerting! When I got home I found my wife laying on a couch and read a book.

I bent to kiss her hello and that a roll of film fell from my pocket and a glass of Coke! Ouch! I picked up the deployment and spent a sleepless night in worry until I could get the movie in the laboratory the next day. It turned out that the scroll was wound tightly enough that, Surprisingly, there was no damage. The session went well!

In a recent episode, for a session of values, I decided to shoot a man business with a fire extinguisher on a computer. I set up a booth at my studio. In a count of three I had my point-and-drop with the extinguisher. In the third frame (and I shot as fast as the camera that the fire) I could not see the model! The studio was filled with a thick cloud of yellow dust (monoammonium phosphate). We could not see, we could not we had to cancel the rest of the day. When I moved from that study two years later we were still finding little piles of yellow dust.

In another brilliant move, I embarked on a population of three days of filming in a remote part of Mexico. I took a B Profoto power pack (battery nominal 1200 seconds in watts) and two heads. Somehow, I forgot to bring the charger! Of course, I did not realize until the first day of shooting. Fortunately, the package has been fully charged before you leave and I managed to get a full day's photography. days two and three if it were a real struggle. The outbreak was mainly inside. I shot with my Canon 1Ds MKII Note the speed at 800 and my plea to the natural models and quiet! I had a lot of shots that did not work, but in the end went well. Ugh!

Earthquakes, vacuum film holders and poor sync speeds

Not all what has always been my fault. Once I had to shoot my film when it was captured on the processor during an earthquake, had a complete set of 40 rolls of film by mistake (this really was a laboratory error) pushed 2 stops, film shot from a helicopter no less.

Other errors I have in the past years: Forgot the camera in an outbreak report; photographed the board of a big corporation with empty 4x5 holders; have the speed synchronization configured wrong to shoot a portrait of the chief executive of Chevron, and appeared to shoot a 4x5, without a tripod (damn attendees!).

It's been a long and exciting journey and not change it for anything. But not over yet, is actually becoming more exciting all the time! Honestly, I think this is the greatest time to be a photographer. awake, excited and eager to go to work most mornings. Who could ask for anything more than that!

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