Candy Eye Shadow

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Candy Eye Shadow

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Candy Eye Shadow
Primer/Eye-shadow primer? I'm a bit confused!?

Okay, so a good friend of mine that works at a salon suggested I use a good primer because I was complaining about my makeup fading quickly. Also, I've VERY oily eyes (which is funny because the rest of my skin is soooo dry.) So, my eyeshadow would crease within...3 hours tops. She said a good, cheap starter would be "Hard Candy Sheer Envy" primer. I got it and been using it for a few days now. I love it for my bronzer and such. However, I'm wondering if it would be suitable to use this, or any other primer I may be purchasing in the future, as eye-shadow primer? Are there any distinct differences between eyeshadow primer and regular..all-over primer? Thank you to anyone that helps. I very much appreciate it!

Face primer shouldn't go anywhere near your eyes. It's not meant for it, and could cause irritation. It's probably not going to help the product stay all that well either.

When your face primer runs out, or if you want to replace it for any reason, Too Faced has a MUCH better primer for $30. As for shadow primers, Urban Decay has the best on the market. It's called "primer potion." If you don't want to buy an eye primer, what also works very well is just a mix of 1/2 foundation or concealer + 1/2 lotion.

Good luck!

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Hard Candy Baked Eye Shadow ::*REVIEW*::

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