Case Cosmetic Train

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Case Cosmetic Train

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Case Cosmetic Train
do I have case of medical malpractice against surgeon?

had hair transplant surgery 20 days ago.The scar from the donor area (strip) is not flat but bulges out like a bump,detectable to the touch specially and significantly on the lover level of it.I have allot of scars where sutures where removed and big gaps of areas where is no hair growth Looks butchered.On advice of my surgeon stiches were removed 9 days after surgery.they were removed by person who has had no experience or qualifications in doing that (I was her second client and it was performed in cosmetic saloon where she is an emploee,the surgery was also performed there).She had significant problems to do it and it was very very painful when she was cutting them and pulling them.I found out after the stitches were removed that I had disolvable sutures!!Is it medicaly correct disolvable stiches to be removed by cutting and pulling from non trained person?I can prove this facts.I don't know do I have legal claim.please respond I am disturbed.

YEah, I agree, most of what you describe would be covered by informed consent meaning that the bad results were possible and you elected to have the surgery anyway. Check your paperwork though and if they never told you about the possible side effects of the surgery and scaring, talk to a lawyer but It sounds like you have no leagl case. My advice. Get over your self- shave your head and liberate yourself. Girls will go for a guy with a shaved head but they run from wigs, rugs and hair transplants.....

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Important Websites to Visit Before Undergoing Cosmetic Surgery

Choosing to undergo cosmetic surgery has potential pitfalls, therefore it is essential to do a lot of research. The desired end result of a procedure is never guaranteed however it is essential that whoever will be responsible for your procedure at least has the fundamentals in terms of qualifications and registrations.  The regulatory bodies listed below will hopefully help you make the right choice when it comes to choosing a surgeon or clinic.

  • General Medical Council (GMC) - It is perfectly legal for anyone to call themselves a cosmetic surgeon, for this reason it is essential you check that your potential surgeon is qualified. The general medical council is the independent regulator for doctors in the UK, all doctors in the UK have to be registered with the GMC. The GMC also keeps a Plastic surgery register which shows whether a doctor is fully trained in plastic surgery.
  • British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) - If a surgeon is a member of BAAPS, it means they have been fully trained for at least 6 years in plastic surgery and will appear on the GMC specialist register.  Members of BAAPS cover the whole range of cosmetic surgery and are also members of BAPRAS.
  • British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPRAS) - As in the case of BAAPS, surgeons who have BAPRAS membership have demonstrated that they are fully trained in plastic surgery. The BAPRAS website contains a database of its members and their specialties.
  • Healthcare commission - The healthcare commission is the official body which regulates the registration of private clinics and hospitals providing cosmetic surgery.  If a clinic or hospital is registered with the commission it is an indication that they are legally providing cosmetic surgery and laser treatments.


Think Surgery is the UK's cosmetic surgery search engine which allows users to locate cosmetic surgeons and cosmetic surgery clinics throughout the UK.

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