Tiger Woods Cheated 13x

Australian Masters - Day 4

The world golf pro and champ, Tiger Woods might look so dignified in this pic, but, it doesn't seem like this would be his exact image with the scandal he is into right now. I'm talking about her extramarital affairs with other girls and now, sources have said that the #13 has come forward!

From an alleged affair with a famous porn star, another woman named #13 by press is now walking forward in the spotlight. Can you believe that? 13 woman linked to just 1 man? Terrible!If the 13th woman is now out to claim she did have an affair with Tiger, so it means he has cheated over Ellin 13x?OMG!

I feel so sorry for Ellin and their children. If this is really in deed true at all, I can't imagine how life would be for the family after this scandal.

Although we might not be aware of what's happening behind the four corners of the couples bedroom, well, we just hope that men could be faithful! Oh men!

Ellin Nordegren Has Moved Out! Did She?

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Radar Online recently reported that, Elin Nordegren, the legal wife and the only wife of Tiger Woods, (we believe so) has finally decided to move out of their matrimonial home to a house nearby. According to sources, Tiger Wood's party is keeping Elin moving out from their home a "top secret" to the media and the public.

Up to date, not anyone from both party confirms nor deny this issue.

If Ellen really did move out, does this confirm the recent humors about Tiger Woods "infedility" issues with lots of girls now claiming to have an extramarital affair with the golf pro? If not, then were are these humors coming from?

Did Ellen really moved out or not? What do you think guys?

Tiger Woods Remains Quiet About Car Crash and Extra Marital Affairs Issue

December 2, 2009 by The Gossip Chic  
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California v Stanford

Tiger Woods who was recently involved in a car crash has been turning down all police investigations and public scrutinies about the real reasons about his accident. He and her wife, Elin Nordegren,  has been quiet about what could have caused the accident and requested for privacy.

But, with all the humors spreading about the real cause of car crash with Tiger and the issues of "infedility", with a number of names of girls now claiming to have an affair with the golf pro, can they still keep their mouth shut about this? I wonder if they would still remain in a"no comment" status at all. Or will finally break down their silence and clear their name once and for all?. Well, let's see.. Let's see..