Chanel Soft Touch

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Chanel Soft Touch

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Chanel Soft Touch
Do you know what song this is?

I saw this advert or something for a split second, so i don't even know what the advert was for. I really liked the song on it, though i only heard a few words as my annoying brother changed the chanel. The lyrics were something like this- "with just a little touch of faith, it'll be ok" The thing was of a woman with brown hair crawling under a massive sheet, everything was white and rally bright. The song was with a females voice, it was very soft.

Does anyone know the song? or even what the advert was for?
Some help please?!


Its off the Surf Advert.

Its called Neapolitan dreams and its sung by Lisa Mitchel

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****My new LOVE : chanel vitalumiere foundation and Biotherm blush***

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