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Chi Turbo

Chi Turbo

GHD vs. CHI The topic is very interesting because they both do very well in flat iron reviews and ratings, and both seem to have a loyal customer base, so to compare both the hair iron and, to judge and mark one as superior over another is not an easy task to accomplish. Let's compare these two based hair iron in design, technology, electricity, heating time and money and see what results the best hair iron.

â € ¢ We will see the difference based on the design. The CHI Turbo flat iron has been re-designed with an ergonomic handle allows easy grip that the smoothing process less tired. Even there are some drawbacks and are not as elegant and controls are on the side of the grip that can make it easier to turn on / off etc, but at some point it might seem that on the road and accidentally, you can turn on / off when using it, while the new GHD Mk4 are elegant in design elegant new is better than iron from CHI Turbo flat with its control set at the top of the bottom of the grip round body, because they are in the interior. So we can say that scores the highest GHD Mk4.

â € ¢ The next rating category is the technology in which hair straighteners GHD and CHI are technically efficient in its own way. Both are technical innovators in the manufacture of plates. When GHD brought about a revolution with the adoption of ceramic heating element and plates Chi was not popular with the integration of Silver Nano technology ', which helps the CHI iron flat for other brands and also sterilize and kill bacteria. Here both of them score more or less the same.

â € ¢ Then we will discover the difference between the two hair straighteners on the power supply. Here in this category CHI gains with its power cable 10 feet above 9 feet cord from GHD and uses only 20-25 watts of electricity, which is said to be less than the iron in the GHD Mk4 flat and so is ita cheap to run. On the other side GHD wins this category with two additional features that may be useful for some and is only performed with automatic voltage for international use and a sleep mode that makes the flat iron off when not used for 30 minutes.

â € ¢ The time needed to heat is another category where we can find the difference. Both the hair iron takes the same time to heat, but both have variable heat control. In this category GHD scores the maximum with respect to temperature control.

â € ¢ The last category to differentiate between the two is price. In short could explain that if you want to get the best you have to pay for it and the price varies with the brand, features and functions. It's just hard to justify that is the best in this field.

Concluding that arguably difficult to comment when the hair iron is best. Since becoming through customer reviews and both have loyal customers happy, and honestly do not own a flat iron to change the other, but they are few in number so it is difficult to suggest which to buy. So the decision is left to you.

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