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Choice Full Jars

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Choice Full Jars
Enfamil Next Step Before 9 months?

My son was full-term and is very healthy. He is 7 1/2 months old and weighs 22 pounds. He's been doing great on Enfamil with Lipil since I stopped breast feeding at 3 months. He does well with his baby food and eats at least a few jars on a daily basis.

My question is, would it be okay to start him on Next Step with Lipil already, even though he is not 9 months yet? The reason I ask is that I work for a company who has given me a large quanity of the Next Step and I would not have to buy formula any more if I could go ahead and switch. Of course, if it is not a healthy choice, then I will simply buy some more formula!

Thanks for your input.

A new trend in artificial baby milk, popular in Europe and now on the shelves in U.S. supermarkets, is formula designed for the infant older than six months and are meant to be a bridge between regular formula and cow's milk, which should not be introduced until some time after age one. Two questions arise about follow-up formulas: are they nutritious and are they necessary? The rationale for follow-up formulas is that the nutritional needs of infants greatly increase after the age of six months (especially for calcium, iron, and protein), and some infants may have difficulty meeting these increased requirements with greater volumes of standard formula, plus solid foods. The following discussion concerns Carnation Follow-up Formula. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of follow-up formula.


* Contains more calcium. From six months to a year the RDA for calcium in infants increases by fifty percent, from 400 milligrams to 600 milligrams. Carnation Follow-up formula contains 600 milligrams of calcium in 24 ounces. It would take 39 ounces a day of standard formula to meet these calcium requirements.
* Contains more iron. From six to twelve months a baby's daily iron requirements increase from six milligrams to ten milligrams a day. This extra iron could be supplied in 26 ounces of follow-up formula or 27 to 33 ounces of standard formula, so there isn't a great advantage to the follow-up formula here.
* Contains more protein. From six to twelve months an infant requires an extra three to four milligrams of protein a day. Follow-up formulas contain from 10 to 25 percent more protein. A baby would need an extra three to eight ounces of standard formula per day to get this extra protein.
* Costs less. The cost is around 20 percent less than the price of regular formula.
* May taste better. Because it is basically milk, it tastes more like milk.


* Casein/whey ratio different from human milk. Basically, Carnation Good Start Follow-up is like the older version of Similac: 82 percent casein and 18 percent whey, plus calcium and a newer fat blend.
* Sweetened with corn syrup. The rationale for replacing lactose in the milk with corn syrup is to get it to taste sweeter. In our opinion, using corn syrup as the prime milk-carbohydrate source in an infant under a year is nutritionally unwise. Besides insuring proper nutrition, one of the main goals in feeding an infant over six months is to shape young tastes toward the normal taste of fresh foods. Corn syrup is a sweetener and certainly shouldn't be part of a food babies eat several times each day. Our conclusion: we do not recommend follow-up formulas that contain corn syrup. They are nutritionally unwise and unnecessary. Better to give your baby a higher volume of standard formula (growing babies need more fluid anyway), plus calcium and iron-containing solid foods.

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Cookie Gift Ideas - Cookie Gift Jars

The aroma of fresh baked cookies brings back many fond memories. Wouldn't it be great to be able to box up that aroma and send it as a gift? Here are some cookie gift ideas that will allow you to send the aroma with the cookies. The good news is that you will not even have to fire up your own oven.

Gift cookie jars are containers that contain all the dry ingredients for your own favorite recipe in a canning or other jar. A thirty-two ounce jar is the correct size for most of the recipes.

The recipe you choose should have a dry ingredient list that adds up to about four cups. Recipes using brown sugar work best since it can be packed a little tighter if necessary or can be used to form a plug that will keep all the other ingredients in place if the volume is less than one quart.

In addition for visual appeal, you will want the dry ingredients to be of various colors. This gives your cookie jar a look of a sand sculpture. You would not want to choose a recipe with all white ingredients. Oatmeal cookies or chocolate chip cookies are often a great choice for these cookie gift ideas.

Ingredients should be layered carefully into the jar without mixing. You want the differing layers to be visible through the jar. A chopstick can be used to make interesting patterns along the jar by causing valleys and ridges.

Spices could also be drawn along the glass surface on the inside of the jar to make interesting designs.

After adding all the dry ingredients, cap the jar with a canning lid. Decorative cloth can be held in place over the lid with a canning ring. Raffia can then be tied around the jar to attach any cooking directions and additional ingredients that will be needed.

Since a canning jar is essentially air tight, the dry ingredients will remain fresh for several months. You may wish to make these gifts ahead of time and store in a cool place to send at the appropriate time. These make great gifts to send home with an unexpected guest.

While you are putting these gifts together, you might want to bake up a few cookies for the family. Why go to all the work without enjoying at least one home baked cookie. You can be sure, others in the house will run to that great aroma.



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