Chroma Reflect

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Chroma Reflect

Chroma Reflect

Chroma Key photography refers to a type of photograph in which a photographer film a subject behind a blue screen or green. After photographing the object, the background screen is replaced by any other selected image. This is the process of Chroma Key and Green Screen. This technique requires a mix of creativity and knowledge technicians. A photographer must be equipped with the knowledge of lighting techniques using this type of process.

While photographing the subject of a person the camera should turn on the background and foreground subject entirely. Good lighting on the results of the green screen photography photos emphatic. A photographer can display around 250 watt halogen lights. A person can set these lights on both sides of the screen. You can use 'Back Light' to the backlight. A 'Front Light' to illuminate the background and the subject. You can use these lights to avoid any shadows on a photograph end. If no light in the foreground and background items correctly could result in unnecessary shadows falling on the subject. However, a photographer should not light foreground and the background with a lot of light. This also means stop unwanted reflections in the photograph. Could happen if you used five thousand watts of light. This could distort the picture. You can display "Bounce cards eliminate hot spots or glare that normally occur by direct exposure. A person also you can use 'Butter Sheet give a soft lighting effect on the subject. This will also give a natural glow and the effect on the face of a subject. Excessive exposure to light can cause color bleeding. For example, If you use a green screen behind the subject and too much light can cause the green color reflected in the theme. One can avoid this using a digital mixer after photographing the object. However, it is a time consuming process. You can also solve this problem by reducing the amount of light. Also You can use amber gels can decrease the reflective properties of the green screen.

The advantage of taking care of the lighting during the process of the green screen photography is that the results of the photograph distinctive and good.

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