Clear Lip Gloss

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Clear Lip Gloss

Clear Lip Gloss
Do you think that it's okay for 11 year old to wear only pink eyeshadow and clear lip gloss?

Come on, Girls and Lady's give me your answers..
I only put on an little pink eyeshadow and clear lip gloss/ or lip blam...

And thats it, but I don't put it on everyday..

I wouldn't do eyeshadow... It looks cheap if not applied right and tacky if it is.

Lip gloss is a good idea though. :)

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Too Faced Mood Swing Lip Gloss

Beauty Tips for Applying Lip Liner

Lipliner is not essential unless you are looking for a perfectly defined finished “Look”, then you will want to apply Lipliner. Prior to the onset of some semi permanent lipstains you would always apply lip liners before your lipstick to avoid bleeding which is not always the case now due to cutting edge technolgy lipsticks that do not move.

The most current trend is to line your lips in the shade closest to your lipcolor or lipstick.

I have outlined some glamour tips below to be used to enhance your beauty when lining your lips. *Also be aware one of my pet peeves, which is to see a woman walking around the mall with no lipstick on and a dark liner line surrounding her lips…Steer clear of this bad, tired lipliner look of yesteryear. It is a myth that lined lips look better than no lipstick at all. If you choose to use a wax lipliner pencil, you will want to store it in the refrigerator because the firmness of the point will better achieve the look you want

Thin Lips

It is best to line just outside of your natural lip line with desired shade of Lipliner for you lips or shade of lipstick. For thin lips it is best to avoid matte shades of lipstick, lipcolor or lipstain as they will certainly make you lips appear thinner. Instead you will want to look for Shimmers, Ices,Frost, and shimmery frosty glosses to plump up the volume of your lips.

Uneven Lips

I must tell you that this is my problem due to a dog bite when I was 27 years old…No one ever notices that I had 87 stitches. No problem to achieve balance by outlining the outside of the thinner half of the lip and then you will need continue along the natural line of the fuller half with my lipliner choice of the day. Fill in with your favorite lipstick, lipstain or lipcolor. I do not want to forget to mention that I am a great proponent of gloss as it adds glamour to any lipstick. All of the shades of glosses available offer a solution for every women of any age.

Shapeless LIPS (or are you looking for completely kissable look)

Create definition by drawing a sweetheart or cupid’s bow. Now, it is time to line the top lip with your favorite shade of Lipliner to emphasize the ‘m’. Line the outside of the lower lip to make it look fuller. All you need now is your favorite lipstick, lipcolor or semi permanent lipstain topped off with your favorite gloss.


Cover lips with Foundation to make lips appear thinner. Your will need to line you lips slightly inside your natural lip line. Use matte shades lipstick, lipstain or lipcolor and for a little added moisture use a matte gloss.

Uneven Colored LIPS

Cover both lips with a foundation or semi permanent lipstain as a base. Now, line your lips with desired shade of liner. Follow up this process with your lipstick.

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