Color Shadow Truffle

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Color Shadow Truffle

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Color Shadow Truffle
eye makeup ideas??????????

I want to change my eye makeup look and i am wondering what kind of style i could do with the eye makeup i have. I have Revlon 03 Midnight Blue eye pencil, Revlon 01 Black Truffle eye pencil,Elizabeth Arden Bronze 06 pencil eyeliner, L.A. Colors black liquid eyeliner, Almay purple mascara, Color girl Brown waterproof mascara, and Jane black Mascara, I have white, light blue, dark blue, purple, light purple, pink, light pink, neutral, brown, green, sparkly dark green, silver, black sparkly, goldish tan sparky, and yellow eye shadows. Lol i know its a lot but with those products what can i do with them, to change my the way i wear my eye makeup.
I have brown eyes

Look One:
Smokey Purple

Curl Lashes and apply purple shodow to your lids. Blend it up to the crease. Use a little sdark purple on the outer corners. Now, Dip a q-tip and your purple mascara. Use it as a liner on the bottom lash line, not the water line, but right under it. You can do the top if you would like, but it takes practice to perfect on the top! Now clwan up the edges with a q-tip. Apply two coats of putple masara and then re-dip it and hold it on the base of your upper lashes to create a lined look if you didn't line it.

Look Two:
Bronze Beauty

Curl your lashes and apply golshish tan sparkley shodow in your lids and crease. Put the brown in the crease. Line your eyes with bronze and apply two coats of brown masacara. Todah! Easy, easy, easy!

Look Three:
Young and Fresh

Apply a little bit of light pink shodow to the inner two thirds of your lid. Put the brown on the outer corners. Line the bottom with pencil liner in black, the top with black liquid liner and then use black masacara.

Look Four:
Snow Princess

Apply white shodow to the inner third of the crease and lid, then purple to the rest. Use the light blue on the crease above the purple. Use the masacara and liner trick as described on look one with purple masacara, but use black amsacra on the lashes.


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