Conditioner Liter Size

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Conditioner Liter Size

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Conditioner Liter Size
How long should a bottle of shampoo and conditioner last you??

Like a regular sized bottle.. not liter. How long does it last you? I have been using the same bottle forever!!!

depends how much you use - whether you have short/long/tangly/thick/coloured etc...

I have mid-length and I get through a regular sized bottle in maybe 2 months I guess. I am using the big Tresseme shampoo & Cond. at the moment though and i've had them for like 4/5months now! it's great!!

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Electricity Saving Tips, Electricity Conservation Methods

Electricity conservation assumes a lot of importance in present times, because electricity is a major influential factor to global warming.The past few years have recorded the warmest surface temperatures ever in global history. Human activity is the biggest factor that has led to global warming. It is now up to individuals and organizations to take collective action to slow down and reverse global warming by using our energy resources cautiously, minimizing fossil fuel usage and conserving electricity. Conserving electricity is very important because the largest source of carbon-dioxide and other heat-trapping 'green house' gases into the atmosphere is electric power generation. Considering the hectic, fast paced life that we lead, we depend on electrical gadgets and equipments to get quick results. Coal and oil constitute more than 80 percent of fuel supply used to generate electricity. Coal combustion leads to the largest amount of CO2 per energy unit of any fossil fuel. So the key is to conserve electricity and reduce electric power usage. When we restrict electric power use, we not only save money and breathe clean air, but also take concrete steps to reverse global warming. Each kilo-watt hour of electricity saved gets rid of 1.5 to 2 pounds of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. In economically challenging times like the present, it is even more important to conserve electricity because of the rising energy costs. It will be beneficial if we as families take the first step in conserving electricity and tackle the problem of climate crisis at the grass-root level. Here are some smart electricity saving tips to conserve electricity

  • It is a common practice for us to use the remote control to switch off the TV. But this actually keeps the TV on in a stand-by mode where it can consume 6 watts per hour. Even if you turn the TV off and not switch off at the plug point, the TV still consumes 0 .5 to 1 watt power.
  • We should make it a point to switch off cell phone chargers and electrical mosquito repellents from the mains after use, so that they do not consume power. The cell phone charger utilizes 3 watts per hour, when it remains plugged. So once the battery is charged, we should take the charger off the plug point. Mosquito repellents can consume 5 watts per hour.
  • Use ceiling fans instead of air conditioners as far as possible. You will also save a lot on electricity bills. Replacing the metal blades of a fan with fiber blades can save twenty percent energy overall.
  • If air conditioning is something that you have to go for, it is better to go for split air-conditioning rather than centralized air-conditioning. Split air-conditioning will only cool specific areas where cooling is needed. Besides this, cleaning the filter of air conditioners leads to quick cooling while at the same time, ensuring efficient use of electricity.
  • It is better to install two 23 watt Compact Fluorescent Lights at opposite sides of the room rather than installing a single 40 watt tube-light. The benefit is you can opt for only one of the CFLs if you do not need bright light all the time.
  • If you are a family of four people, you can go for a refrigerator of 80 liters capacity rather than a 165-liter one. A refrigerator consumes 1.3 to 4 units daily depending on its size, make and model

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