Cortex Straightening Iron

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Cortex Straightening Iron

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Cortex flat iron BURNT my hair..?

i recently bought one, but it burnt my hair SO badly, that when i went to wash it, the smel was almost unbearable. then i tried using bedhead straightening serum to protect my hair, and it stilll burnt it.

its just as hot as my old one, so why am i having problems now??
and what can i do about it, (besides getting a new flat iron, of course)

ughh i did that before cuz i staightened it EVERYDAY
i had curly shiny ringlets and so i stopped straightening and no i've got dry loose curls which are okay but it's not anywhere near what my hair used to be.
so your hair is never going to be in perfect condition again like mine

i didn't straighten it for like a month afterwoods and i got the horrible smell of a mixture of burning, straightners, hair products it was disgusting
even after shampoo it stunk like burning :|

now i only straighten like once a week and my hair is okay
i use hair protection and it hasn't burnt since:)

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Review: CORTEX Straightening Flat Iron (Dupe For CHI)

A Guide to Cortex Flat Irons

Cortex has introduced a wide range of flat irons or hair straighteners, keeping in mind to help you derive fast, smooth, shiny, and healthy hair styling results. Among many of the hair straighteners launched by Cortex, perhaps the most noteworthy are Cortex Solo 450 Titanium Flat Iron, Cortex Solo 450 Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron, Cortex Pro Special Edition Tourmaline Wet to Dry Flat Iron, Cortex Pro Collection Tourmaline Flat Iron, and Cortex Pro Special Edition Tourmaline Flat Iron. Let us discuss about each of Cortex flat irons’ specialties, along with its features.

  • Cortex Solo 450 Titanium Flat Irons

    Made from 100% Titanium material, this flat iron is a much preferred choice among both hair dressers and common people alike. With its super hard smooth surface and lightweight strength, its titanium plates help for healthy, beautiful snag free hair styling, as it provides benefits such as even distribution of heat across the hair and safeguard your hair while style. Features such as adjustable temperature up to 450°F, innovative PTC heater, and professional salon model add to its exceptional performance.

  • Cortex Solo 450 Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Irons

    This flat iron also comes with innovative features, however with the exception that its plates are designed using a combination of materials like ceramic and tourmaline. This blend, in turn, results in increased emission of negative ions and far infrared rays, which help to lock in hair’s natural color and moisture and eliminate frizz.

  • Cortex Pro Collection Tourmaline Flat Iron

    With 100% genuine tourmaline plates, this flat iron is perhaps the best way to enjoy the complete benefits of a tourmaline flat iron. Fixed temperature preset to 410°F, fast heat up and that too within few seconds, and dual voltage system are its features, among many others.

  • Cortex Pro Special Edition Tourmaline Flat Iron

    As in the case of Cortex Pro Collection Tourmaline Flat Iron, this flat iron is also attached with tourmaline plates. But its specialty is that it comes with tourmaline ceramic floating plates that help for strain free hair styling.

  • Cortex Platinum Collection Ceramic Flat Iron

    This flat iron has been designed in such a way to cater to the unique hair styling needs to suit all hair textures, with its 100% solid ceramic plates that generate negative ions and far infrared rays for improved hair styling results. Since its plates are beveled, it helps you to try different hair styles.

  • Cortex Pro Special Edition Tourmaline Wet to Dry Flat Iron

    This flat iron has been especially designed to suit your busy routine, as it helps to cut down the styling time in half via skipping the need for the usage of blow dryer. However, it is more than just a hair straightener that could be used on both wet and dry hair, as it is designed using a blend of tourmaline and ionic technology. Its functioning is further enhanced by features such as sleek non slip grip that helps for comfortable hair styling and variable temperature settings that make it suitable for all types of hair.

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