Cream Foundation Blush

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Cream Foundation Blush

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Cream Foundation Blush
DOOO concealer &foundation work together?

AFTER taking a shower, I apply moisturizer cream, then concealer, then foundation, blush & to seal it all I apply powder &at the very end i apply mascara &obviously gloss
In the morning i am so lazy, this is the only makeup that i wear im 16../
I USE VERY LITTLE OF EVERYTHING.. BC then face looks soo cakey...
any suggestions or advice???
is the order OK?

I also apply moisturizer, concealer then foundation but what I do is I dab the concealer under my eyes and anywhere else that needs coverage then I use a 2 sided foundation brush to blend the concealer before applying the foundation. The 2 sided brush has a small brush on one end for concealer then a bigger brush on the other end for the foundation. After I blend the concealer then I apply dots of foundation on my face (cheeks, chine, nose & forehead) and blend w/ the bigger brush side. It makes my make up look more flawless on my face and prevents you from using too much and looking cakey. Then I apply my demattifying powder to reduce shine and finish off w/ mineral powder.

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MAC Cream Blush in Lilicent & the MAC 188. A match made in make up heaven

No Anti Aging Remedy But

Aging with Grace... Is a "no topic" in today's media and advertisement world. To stay young for ever seems to be the target and as a matter of fact, it is a target but for the industry and not for you. NEVER forget - true beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder Borrowed beauty will not last but the price you might have to pay will stay with you the rest of your life.

Having said that, here a typical woman get up day....(the non organic/natural one)

How they make my day.....

First I am going to have a shower and wash my hair
with some Garage Cleaner/Engine Degreaser called SLS and of course there are some "natural" ingredients added but I like the foam (which makes my hair dry and finally fall off - ) and ripes my skin of all fat and natural barriers... but I am smelly clean...

Then I brush my teeth ...
(amongst SLS for nice foam I also have most often something called Triclosan in it - The toxic chemical triclosan can turn your toothpaste into chloroform - do I like that?)

Next look is a ...
close look at my face , then applying some day cream and/or some sun screen to make my face look young, moist and radiant (but not fatty!) I don't mind, that at the same time I am using several "Alcohols" to dry out first and then some Fragrance to smell nice (see below) and last but not least - a nice chemical cocktail of petrochemicals (yes PETRO chemicals) that leave a smooth "plastic film" on my face and keeps it from breathing and of course will support my dry spots in drying out even more??)

Well - since I have to make up for 10 years .. I am using of course some "under eye" treatment with the latest, stronger and promising ingredients as mentioned above and after 10 min. this area really feels "tight" like strapped (with plastic or pumped up with Buttock )

Who cares main thing is, it looks good..but not finish yet.

Some foundation willmake my skin look even and give it a matte...followed by a little blusher to fill the gaps .. and last but not least mascara on my dry lashes, some eye shadow to give it "the" extra touch and- my lipstick (filled with Lead which will make it harder to look at the mirror -

latest when I start to lose memory..)

And the last spritz.... .... Some Deo or Perfume (with Fragrances that let me feel good and my body gets artificial input of hormone mimics, some helper to make it stay longer and give me the chance to develop breast cancer, (they are called Parabens) and who knows..additionally I might disrupt my Thyroids by using Fragrances + Benzophenone 2 = Endocrine and Thyroid Disruption? )

By the time I am walking out the door I am like many woman..... after slathering, spritzing or smearing themselves with toner, moisturizer, eye cream, foundation, blush, eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, gloss and perfume, we may have put enough chemicals onto our bodies to be hazardous to our health.

Many of the chemicals in makeup have been linked to cancer, hormone imbalances and skin irritation.

Some other scary thought crosses my mind....

What about if I have no chance to buy all that stuff? What about if I am sick and in bed and visitors come and see me without? What about if I am in the rain without umbrella - washing down all my beauty and last but not least -
when will my partner get shocked seeing me without all this borrowed beauty covering me up? - will he still love me or was it my borrowed beauty and now both are gone?

Aging with grace

is what it says it should be "graceful" that does not mean no make up or no creams or lipstick but if it has to be - then go with what you can ingest because, what you put on your skin might go in. Many of the Chemicals don't stay on the surface of your skin but go directly into your blood stream from where it goes straight to liver, kidney and tissues.

Accept aging gracefully and stop hiding behind a mask made up for you by Media and advertisement Agencies

Don't support economy at the cost of your health. Be your self and be proud to be a woman aging beautifully and with grace.

For the young Generation - it is a fact of life to age, the earlyer you understand that the less harm you will do to yourself by following the petrochemical/artificial way of "beauty for ever".

The story above is not fiction but a well known daily procedure for many woman. For myself I was lucky enough not to go into this hype and yet, I like make up and use skin care but with precaution and truly organic/natural.

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