Crew Grooming Cream

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Crew Grooming Cream

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Crew Grooming Cream
Hair beautician and cosmetologists - Whatsup with my hair?

Until four months ago I used American Crew fiber and wore my hair messy. like so
Then 4 months ago i decided to change my hairstyle, by growing my hair out a bit and wore my hair back by using a lot of oily stuff (american crew grooming cream). like so
But now when I tried going back to my old hair style of messy hair, it feels like my hairs not the same. it feels like soft and overconditioned and it doesnt hold up the same. it looks like so
My biggest concern is i can see my scalp thru my hair. when i took a pic of my scalp under bright flash it looked like this..

Did changing the bend in my hair and using oily stuff change my hair and is that y i see so much scalp. if so if i let it grow will it come back to normal.

beautician 24 years here........... the products you are using have to much oil in them , making your hair over moisturized... this can cause the hair follicles to clog, making it look like you are loosing hair....get a Clairifying shampoo wash and leave on 5 minutes.. this will remove all build up... your hair looks great, just try changing your products... Do you have a Regis Salon near you? if so you can get the shampoo there and ask for volumizing gel or finishing wax....this will help... BY the way..YOU HAVE GEORGOUS EYES... Get into modeling.... good luck

Slikhaar TV 21: American Crew Grooming Cream wax: Beverly Hills 90's hairstyle mens style

Increase Your Handsome Factor With Knowledge Of The Best Men's Grooming Products

If you're looking for non-biased information from a men's grooming expert about grooming products for men, you've come to the right place. There are now 1000's of men's grooming products out there and it can be overwhelming. It wasn't like this 5 years ago... So today, I'm going to give you the straight dope on male grooming products... I've tried a ton of them for my company's own independent analysis so that we could share the results with people just like you.

The best line of men's grooming products? Well, there isn't one best line. The "best line" varies depending on the purpose of the grooming product... For example, men's shaving. To evaluate our top recommendations for men's grooming products, we looked for a couple of essentials:

1. Ingredients - are they harmful or good for your skin? How natural are they?

2. Feel - how good does the male grooming product smell and feel after use. Does it make the man using it feel like a million bucks?

3. Heavy Duty Test - does it work? A shaving cream example would test... Do you get a closer and smoother shave vs another brand?

Now I'll get right to it... The straight dope on the best products for men's grooming... Let's start with hair. American Crew brand fiber passed every single test for an incredible men's hair style. This hair product is perfect - it's not sticky, won't flake up and doesn't look greasy. I'm serious, it's the perfect hair styling product.

Most men forego eye care. Red eyes will do a lot of harm to your image. For healhy white eyes, use Blink brand eye drops. If you're a heavy tv or computer user, put 2 drops in your eyes regularly. Blink is the brand most recommended by eye care professionals.

To ensure you have moisture rich lips, find a lip chap with all natural ingredients - no petroleum jelly. There's a ton of brands that are natural. Pick one up from your local drug store.

What is the best body wash? From smell, feel and moisture tests on skin, we believe Dial Antioxidant Body Wash with Cranberry Extract is the best body wash for your skin. It's all natural ingredients will do wonders for your skin. This body wash also has a great after scent.

The best men's grooming products for your face and skin care are as follows:

a) Shaving - Nivea Men Shaving Cream contains glycerine (great for shaving) and natural ingredients. It comes in a tube. It'll help you get a closer and smoother shave. Nothing compared in our tests.

b) Face wash - Nivea For Men Exfoliating Face Scrub. Use this every morning but not at night. It's for deep cleaning. After one application, you'll know why I recommended it here.

c) Post Shave - Neutrogena Men Razor Defense Post Shave Lotion. It contains aloe, soy extracts and natural ingredients that are oil free and great for your skin. Applying this will put a shine on your skin... No jokes.

d) Moisture - Nivea For Men Anti-Fatigue. Q10 is important for keeping your skin young and this lotion contains it.

At my company, we believe that men's grooming products with natural ingredients and dermatologist tested brands are #1. I'm hoping that Live Clean brands make the surge to creating men's products because of their 100% natural formula. But there you have it, the best men's grooming products in our opinion.

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