Curl Eyelashes Make

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Curl Eyelashes Make

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Curl Eyelashes Make
how to curl eyelashes with making it crimp?

i try to curl my eyelashes gently for 5 sec. and it doesnt curl at all and i try to curl it a little tighter and it turns out to crimp.

You are using a cheap eyelash curler. You need to get one that is NOT metal. Get a plastic one with a rubber guard. This keeps the lash from crimping, and also keeps it from breaking. You might also wish to put on mascara BEFORE you curl your lashes. The mascara will encourage the lashes to curl with less pressure.

Professional Makeup Tips : How to Curl Your Eyelashes Like a Pro

About The Eyelash Perm

The eyelash perm is a professional, safe and effective method for eyelash curling. It lasts for up to 2 months and it takes about 30-45 minutes. It is based on a chemical solution that was specially designed for eyelashes. The eyelash perm is popular because it makes your eyes look bigger, and wider and it has a long lasting effect. The permed eyelashes look so feminine, some women don't even use makeup anymore. So it is a good solution for busy, active women.

 It can easily mixed with some vegetable dye, to make the eyelashes not only curled but darker to. But keep it professional to make sure you won't harm your eyes and avoid any possible accidents.

 The procedure:

  • you have to remove all the makeup from your eyes with oil-free makeup remover. Than rise well and let the eye to dry completely before applying the perm
  • remember to remove your contact lens if you have any
  • determine which size of rod will you use: short one for the short eyelashes or tight curled lashes, medium is the most popular one, or the large rods for the longer lashes and looser curls.
  • a cosmetic pad will be placed on the lower eyelid
  • the rod will be placed on the upper eyelid, after it's been shaped in a C form and cut to the length of your eyes.
  • a glue will make sure your eyelashes stick to the roller
  • and finally the perm will be applied. To avoid irritations, any excess of perm that got on the eyelid will be removed.
  • when the perm has done it's work, a setting lotion will be applied
  • a permanent wave lotion will be applied to nourish your eyelashes
  • using a q-tip that was dipped in water, your eyes will be finally free from the rollers and removing the lashes from the rod.
  • Than clean the lashes with a cotton pad, and for a final touch, moisturize your eyelids.

 This is all it's need to be done to let you enhance with natural looking curled eyelashes, without using the eyelash curler and the mascara daily. The eyelash perm technique is suitable for any type of lashes, the single thing you have to pay attention is to make sure you go to a professional. If it's not done properly, it can turn out messy, tangled, crooked or frizzy.

Many celebrities opt for this procedure because it provides perfect looks and an easier way to create flattering eyes.

 Get luxurious eyelashes to feel and look special at anytime. It is a simple and long lasting procedure that provides glamorous looks without the need of using makeup.

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