Daily Color Lock

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Daily Color Lock

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Daily Color Lock
What color do you think of?

What color do you think of when I say..

Cup-pearly white



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Frbiz.com reports Gome and Sony China has denied rumors of disagreement

In this year's Golden Week, Gome will do so in order to main selling color TV product, right color TV products substantially straight down. Among these, Sharp and Samsung has become the main cut prices to Beijing Gome, for example, 40-inch Sharp TV for the first time sold less than 6,000 yuan, Sharp 65-inch Samsung 63-inch flat-panel prices and other super-size drop of up to 40% -- 50%.

That although the Gome does not make public the brand color TV sales data, but some sources said the sales of Sony's not ideal, far less than the Sharp and Samsung. At the same time, Gome in cooperation with Sony to rumors of problems have begun to spread, the media quoted sources as saying that, because of the price reduction promotions differences do appear, Sony golden week to temporarily suspend Gome supply, it stores only the cable Nepal stock commodity. Sony America's promoters in the country were laid off.

Rift rumors for co-operation, national beauty and Sony, October 13 daily denied to the outside world to convey the two sides "have worked well together" message.

Gome vice president, He Yang Qing, spokesman for science and technology, said to Sina, the country co-operation with Sony America has been very good. Although the country during the National Day in the U.S. sales of Sony does not rank favorably, but that does not mean that cooperation problems in the future good cooperation between the two sides will remain the same. GOME National Day market is consolidating gains and losses, which is, together with all the vendors to do work, and not only for Sony.

Sony's China-related public relations departments have told Sina science and technology, said co-operation with Sony GOME all normal and will not change. In a statement provided to the Sina science and technology in Sony's recognition of the "short supply in some parts of the situation", but said it was "due to sales exceeded expectations," caused the accident.

Sony said in a statement this year, the National Day Golden Week in September to the end of Sony color TV sales for the first time since the financial crisis in more than a year ago, better than the intended target. Sony also said that its "Achieving a more accurate supply chain management and financial management" to ensure that the TV business, "healthy growth"

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