Digital Ceramic

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Digital Ceramic

Digital Ceramic

Ceramic tiles of a true "Green" pedigree as they are made entirely of natural, recyclable and biodegradable. Being naturally resistant water and mold / mildew resistant, ceramic tiles to improve indoor air quality as they have no need of polishing are installed faster.

There Several types of ceramic products available in the market that can be used as tiles, tiles or tiles, with literally thousands of styles and qualities to choose from. They are divided into several broad categories:

Vitrified Tiles: These tiles are compact, scratch and acid resistant and have better resistance mechanics. They are virtually replacing stone and marble in recent days.

Porcelain Tile: These tiles come with versatile finishing flat, rough or polished, not easily carry heavy traffic.

Mosaic Tiles: These are small tiles. These tiles can be ceramic, porcelain or glass, and are most suitable on the walls, curved surfaces, such as murals, in pools of water and soils with little traffic.

Glazed Tiles: These non-porous, smooth surface tiles are stain proof. Large format tiles with a satin finish are very popular today.

Quarry Tiles: These tiles are thick and dense, mainly used in large commercial establishments.

Tiles Terracotta: These handmade or machine made tiles are often used as roof tiles.


Latest trends in ceramic tile design range from colorful to black and white scheme and large to small mosaics.

With its perfect union and eye catching finish that almost look like stone or wood and textiles, including natural elements like bamboo and pebbles are reproduced in the finished tile. Just Thus, there is also an inclination towards history and heritage, manufacturers are increasingly borrowing from the past to capture the essence of old world and the reproduction tiles. In the luxury space, there are now high-end tiles with textured gold and silver and inlaid Swarovski as well as the unique digitally printed ceramic tiles.

Ceramic tiles also have captured the imagination of Indian customers. Today, used by all internal parts, residential and commercial spaces, and in fact considered the new fashion statement.

About the Author:

About the Author:-
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Article Source: - Ceramic Tiles - the Oldest and the most Prolific

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