Elizabeth Arden Lipstick

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Elizabeth Arden Lipstick

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Elizabeth Arden Lipstick
skin allergic to lipsticks.. HELP!!?

ok... my skin around my mouth is allergic to many kinds of lipsticks... It would start to feel itchy, then skin came off, the reaction ususally lasts for two weeks before my skin is healed. My question is.. anyone got this kind of problem before? what to do about it? I have tried MAC, Estee Lauder, Biothem, elizabeth arden, and lancom...... I am only 28 years old...

First, you need to find out what you are allergic to. Go to the dermatologist with the culprit lipstick ingredients. If you can pinpoint what you're allergic to, it will make your life much more easier in choosing lipstick. And if you think about it, if the product you're allergic to is in other cosmetics, you will be saving yourself an even bigger reaction in the long run. If you don't have the ingredients on the package go to the web site of the product and search for it there. If they don't have the info online, email them and tell them what happened. They should be more than willing to provide the info you need. I have seen more and more women lately having the same problem and more often than not, it is with the "high end dept. store" makeups. You may want to try the Almay or Physician's Formula products.

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Mother’s Day Gifts for a Fashionable Mom

Mother’s day is a special day when you shower all your love on your mom. It is the celebration of motherhood. Mother is the most special person in ones life. She influences your every step. She is the one who will always leave your favorite dish for you by saying that she does not like it any more! A Mother happily leaves everything small or big for her kids.

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Make up gifts

Yes! You had never thought of it! Well think about this now! Mom is so fashionable and loves to collect the latest products then why to miss this opportunity? Go for products like eyeliners, mascara, gaudy eye shadows or lipsticks kit by leading brands like Loreal, Revlon, Elizabeth Arden, Maybelline and Avon. You have many options from these brands as you can get blushers, skin care products, lip liners, foundations, concealers, hair care products or a gift hamper containing all these products! Who will be able to resist such a mother’s day gift?


You can never go wrong with perfumes because all women love alluring fragrances. Perfumes are an instant hit with all the women. If your mom is particular about perfumes then go for perfumes and sooth her senses. International brands like Versace, Lomani, Armani, John Varvatos Perfume, Escada, and Gucci offer so many luxurious and elegant fragrances. Choose the right fragrance for Mom and see a big beautiful smile on her face!

Hand bags:

Hand bags appeal every fashionable woman. Most of the women love to collect the huge cache of latest trendy bags. There are so many options in sizes, colors and material used in hand bags. If the mom is eco friendly then go for a jute bag. Jute is so fashionable and trendy these days. So many colors and designs are available in hand embroidery. You can always choose a bag decorated with some gem stones. These bags come in various sizes and shapes so you can easily choose the fashionable bag for the Mom. The leather bags are also appealing and these days you get many color variations in leather bags too. Choose the right handbag that will match her personality and please your mom!

Jewelry as a Mothers Day gift:

Jewelry is the all time hit with fashionable women so why not get jewelry to make the mother’s day special? In jewelry items you can go for personalized jewelry like rings and pendants. A pair of earrings in precious metals like gold, silver, platinum or pearls and diamonds, suit all the women, irrespective of age. So many pendants are designed especially for mother’s day. These can be engraved to make these personalized gifts. Mother’s rings, birthstone bracelets and sterling silver necklaces also make the perfect gifts. If the budget allows then diamonds will be the best selection. If you need a cheap gift amongst jewelry then go for beaded jewelry or hand made jewelry. It is the latest buzz word in the world of jewelry. So go ahead and delight her with the perfect gift for mother’s day.

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Happy shopping and happy mother’s day!

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