Escentuals Foundation Golden

November 5, 2009 by The Gossip Chic  
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Escentuals Foundation Golden

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Escentuals Foundation Golden
HELP!! with Bare Escentuals Foundation!!!!?

I have light olive skin and was recommended the 'medium-beige' foundation from Bare Escentuals. I tried it and found it makes me look a bit too tanned. I want something a bit lighted..would you recommend 'light' or 'medium'?

I have golden undertones in my light olive skin.


Did you go to a Bare Escentuals store?
I recommend that because they know how to match your color best. I think they even mix different colors to try to match you as best as possible. I myself am "fairly light" and i'm kinda light olive golden skin toned.

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Golden Olive & Melon Pigment Awesomeness

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