Escentuals Foundation Light

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Escentuals Foundation Light

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Escentuals Foundation Light
Question about mineral makeup...bare escentuals?

Do you recommend it for someone who has light acne?
Can I put the mineral foundation powder all over my face, including around my eyes?
Can I use a MAC brush (like the 116) to apply bare escentuals makeup?

I work in a salon that uses Bare Escentuals make up, and it's the only thing we recommend for skin with acne. It has no irritants, and unlike the high street brands it doesn't contain talc powder.

The company does say you should use the Bare Escentuals brush though, it just gives better coverage rather than mixing brands. MAC tools aren't designed for that type of make up.

You could put the foundation round your eyes extremely lightly, but I use the proper eye concealer pot because you need a shade lighter under your eyes than you use on your skin.

Hope this helps!

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Foundation Routine - Bare Minerals Application

Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals Mineral Makeup And Foundations


If you are looking for a mineral makeup range then your search is over. Bare Escentuals is the best selling mineral makeup range and one of the best places to buy from is which is a UK online shop that stocks the complete range. Bare escentuals started in the 1976 in California by 1994 it had grown to become a cult brand when joined by Leslie Blodgett who became their CEO. Bare Escentuals is has 4 sub brands, Bare Escentuals, Bare Minerals, i.d. Bare Minerals, and now the new Bare Skin fragrance.

The eye shadows are know as Bare Escentuals Liner Shadow, Bare Escentual Glimmer  and Bare Escentual Glimpses.

The liner shadow is just that a shadow that can also be used as a liner in a broad choice of colours and tend to be quite soft and smokey shades, with no shimmer which you use fry but for a stronger eyeliner you can add a little water to give a stronger eyeliner. The Glimmers and Glimpses have a great shimmer to them bringing the eyearea to life and are really great to play with. They all blend so easily you can become as creative as you desire with a perfect finish. All these products are complimented by a great range of makeup brushes that have been developed over years of research by makeup artists to give you the best tools. Some of the makeup brushes are very specific giving you the same professional brushes makeup artists use worldwide everyday.
Staying with the face products also in the range are the Bare Escentuals Blusher, Bare Escentuals Radience and the Bare Escentuals Multi-taskers. The blushers give the perfect colour to define the cheek area, while also being based on mineral powder they blend easily with the foundation so you continue to keep the flawless light feel.

Finally the range is brought complete with a range of skincare products for preparing the skin for makeup such as the rev-ver uppers and the skin primers laying the foundation for perfect makeup application and even for your brushes there are a cleanser and conditioner.

How will I choose? Even this is made simple as one of the corner stones of the range are a huge choice of starter packs and make up kits which offer incredible value and a wide choice of colours. The Foundation Starter kits come in most colours and there is always a new eye shadow kit with the latest eye fashion colours, almost every month a new kit is released generally these are in limited numbers so they are constantly being updated to excite you,  the Bare minerals user, at you will always find the best choice of the latest new makeup kits and value packs generally at the lowest price too.

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