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Eye Talk Double

Eye Talk Double
Can anyone tell me what these symptoms might indicate? Type of doctor to talk to?

A young teenage child is experiencing the following symptoms: When she is standing or walking she feels tingling then numbness in the fingers, blurry vision, headache behind the eyes, double vision, then she gets tunnel vision, blackness, seizures/twitching.. These last from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. She say's the headaches go away after about 5 minutes.

Can anyone tell me what this might be? Type of doctor to see?

Of course these are neurological manifestations BUT they could well have a chemical/physiological/metabolic/infectious causes. Pediatric neurology is a recognized specialty and would be preferential but you, likely won't be able to get a Neurology appointment within a reasonable period of time.
However, due to the severity of these symptoms and the multitude of causes, this person should be seen in the Emergency Room IMMEDIATELY.

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