Fanci Full

February 21, 2007 by The Gossip Chic  
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Fanci Full

Fanci Full
Can anyone tell me more about what will Roux Fanci full of my hair?

My hair bleached yellow and breathe by the color white. what FANCI Roux-full do to my hair?

FanciFull Roux is a temporary color, or a mouthwash. You put it and let it dry in the dryer. It eliminates next shampoo. It will also "Run" if you get caught in the rain, not even sweat a lot. You can spend your pillow. In fact, I recommend Clairol lights shine Shampoo is a deep purple, and it will help neutralize the metallic tones. It will not make white hair, but make it look less yellow. The reason by which it works is that purple is opposite yellow on the color wheel, so it helps eliminate it. You can also go to Sally and get another pack of chlorine powder, and obtain an agent of indigo to put on it, to be a little lighter and cancellation of yellows in the same time.

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