Fine Hair

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Fine Hair

Fine Hair

If you're like me - and many of our customers - and have been "blessed" with fine hair, fine, what you've spent much of hairstyles and handling products that give you more volume and body.

Dealing with chronically hair is flat on the head is complicated. In addition to issues of style, is more susceptible to damageg through style, processing and the environment. There are, however, a couple of tricks you can use to either thin or thinning hair of life, body, and a look of volume and health.

Styling of thin, fine or thinning hair

Adding color help. Coloring treatments can give your style a thicker appearance. Highlights and lowlights add dimension and depth that give the appearance of volume and thickness. Lightening (or darkening) to decrease the color contrast between your hair and scalp tone visible difference.

Body waves and standing give additional impetus of fullness. Thinning spreads is more pronounced near the scalp. Permanent or add curl up towards the top of the head of the supply volume and as the definition and texture.

Blow dry brushing with a round brush barrel. Medium and large barrels work better. Bore or synthetic bristles is a preference staff, although tourmaline silicone coatings reduce frizz and improve control. Lift up and out of the scalp, add volume and life instantly. Carding near the root also adds height to the crown and makes hair look full.

If you need, avoid straight haircuts. While straight hair can be a trend that is "in", which is not a friend to the body of the missing blocks. opt for designs that add "motion", curls or waves.

Product Selection for thin hair, fine hair

Hairsprays can be your friend. For long hair, sign the restraint use sprays or foams.

Design AIDS - mousse and gels - to give fine hair texture and allow the creativity of design. Take care - waste and product accumulation can lead to entirely new problems.

Hair curlers and curling permanent can help maintain the shape and volume. Protect from heat damage. Consider using a leave-in conditioners with thermal protection.

Use a shampoo and conditioners formulated for the thin or fine hair. Many hair products are specifically designed to thicken the hair and add moisture.

Hair Vitamins -- while a long term solution, supplements generally increase the thickness and brightness, while improving overall scalp and hair health. It is hard work for nails and skin, too.

Management hairstyles for fine hair, very well - although at times frustrating - is easy with a few tricks and style products appropriate. Add the volume and size through style, thickening shampoos and conditioners, and maintain a healthy and beautiful design with stylish products.

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Styling Fine Hair by Julien Farel

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