Flat Hair

February 15, 2007 by The Gossip Chic  
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Flat Hair

Flat Hair
straight hair?

My hair is usually soft and flat, but I use hair products hair tip during the day to give my hair a style little zing! I was wondering ... after my shower my hair back to normal (smooth and flat), there is a way around this? All answers are appreciated.

products if you want some texture wax Paul Mitchell tea tree style ... get it on the tip of your fingers and rub into your scalp .. then after shutdown do the same again, but maybe a little less this time .. no more to do with this product .... This works well for a superior cut pop .. (shorter at the top around crown), you can use this product so that the ends of your hair a little nervous this is a good product have all that long ago really. try playing with him for different things ..

Saran Wrap Treatment =Flat ironed hair. Video Tutorial:)

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