Flat Iron Model

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Flat Iron Model

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Flat Iron Model
Which sedu flat iron is better?

I am going to purchase a sedu flat iron, and I am wondering which model is better. I am thinking about the revolution nano ceramic tourmaline 2009 model (1"),which got good reviews, but the ionic ceramic tourmaline also got good reviews. I don't know which one to get. My hair is thick, and wavy, and my daughter's hair is slightly wavy. Any help would be appreciated!

I have the 2009 revolution model (just got it a couple weeks ago) and I really love it, my only complaint with it is that it doesnt really curl well and I like to curl with my straightener. But, it straightens fast, does not snag or pull my hair, leaves it incredibly shiny, and it still has body.
Its a great iron, def. go for it =)

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Facts About Top Rated Flat Irons

Even though there are lots of factors that determine the quality of a flat iron, one of the most important factor to pay close attention to is the heating element of the device. Amongst a number of types of heating elements added with flat irons today, the best one would be the new technological outburst- ICHS or Integrated Ceramic Heating System.

Corioliss Flat Irons are one such top rated flat iron that integrates this feature that enhances the quality and durability of the product. Corioliss ProV Professional Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron is a best selling model that is made with 100 % Tourmaline infused ceramic plates. Both ceramic and tourmaline plates are capable of emitting abundance of negative ions that enable the iron to heat the hair evenly without causing any hair damages. Most of the professional flat irons have either ceramic or tourmaline plates or the combination of both owing the smoothness and safety delivered by the plates. There are also ceramic irons added with titanium, negative ion and Silver technology that help in enhancing the efficiency and durability of the product.

Since the requirement for each person differs according to the type of their hair, you should make sure that the flat iron you have purchase suit aptly to your hair length and texture. The size of the flat iron plate should be chosen according to your hair type. For example: long haired people would require a larger plate and short haired would require a plate size of 1 and ½ inches. Similar is the need for temperature. When thick and long haired people should required higher temperature for efficient straightening, lower temperature should be set for thin or fine haired people to avoid over heating and burning of hair. For this, ensure whether the product offers a variable heat setting option. Other advanced features to look out are dual voltage features, professional swivel cord etc. there are mini flat iron models like the Corioliss Mini Professional Ceramic flat iron that can be carried while traveling.

Finally, check out whether it offers any warranty for the product. Most professional flat irons are provided with a limited warranty of one year.

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