flat iron

February 1, 2006 by The Gossip Chic  
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flat iron

flat iron
flat iron?

my hair is very curly, so I started flat ironing it. but can never get the back of my hair myself! How do I flat iron the back of my hair?

It is very difficult to reach the back of your hair really straight. Also I have very wavy / poofy hair. Sometimes I use an iron. You need only type used to move the plate when they see it, without burning. Make sure it is smoothed hair in layers (bonded to the upper and middle layers when working in the bottom layer) and feel your way around. Use your dominant hand to keep iron and other hand to keep your hair. Keep your arms behind your head, as if you go for rest and relaxation, something like this (imagine the O is the head, and the <> as the angle of the arms) . Take a bit of hair with one hand and gently blow on the head with iron (not the hot part) so you know where he is. Take iron and clamp it in your hair and pull it again. Doing so for the rest of your hair and the other layers. Hope this helps!

How To Flat Iron

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