Foundation Fawn Beige

November 2, 2009 by The Gossip Chic  
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Foundation Fawn Beige

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Foundation Fawn Beige
Foundation - Dream Matte Mousse - love it, but Fawn is too light for me, and Sun Beige is too dark?

Well, I love Dream Matte Mousse, it looks gorgeous, but fawn makes me look dead and sun beige is perfect and sorta matches so long as i blend it all well and don't apply too much in one place.

I usually put a dot on my chin, forehead, temples and cheeks and blend, but if i put too much it looks orange, and if i put too little i have white patches!

i apply it with my fingers. Would it make a difference if I buy a foundation brush? Would it make it more even? And i'm pretty sure it matches my neck, but I'm not sure. Or would there be a way to use both colours and make a colour more in the middle?

Please help, and don't say I should buy a different type of foundation; liquid exaggerates my pores, powder makes my skin dry, and they both give me spots. Well, I'm sure there is the perfect foundation out there but I'm not trying to find it yet. Dream Matte Mousse is great and in the middle and doesn't give me spots. (:


Not what you want to hear, but a good foundation won't make you look orange.. A brush may help even out the application.

Just a suggestion: I use Make Up For Ever HD Foundation. Go to Sephora; they'll match it for you. It's so perfect; doesn't look like you're wearing makeup at all. It's pricey, but it's worth it!!!!

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