Foundation Mahogany Bronze

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Foundation Mahogany Bronze

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Foundation Mahogany Bronze
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Cheryl Cole Parachute make-up tutorial

What is your Glotone?

Have you ever worn a color that gets you a ton of compliments on how great you look? If the answer is yes. Well...that is a GLOTONE! Its a series of colors that make you look great every time you wear them. They flatter your natural coloring and give you a radiant glow. Everything from your clothes to your hair color to your make up is perfectly coordinated when you use your GLOTONES and you never have to second guess if an outfit or make up color is right for you or not.

Here are the basic principles; Skin-tones fall into two categories, they are ether warm or cool. Both categories have a range of dark to light shades. What determines whether your skin falls under the warm or cool category is the undertones. The warm skin-tone category has yellow/golden undertones and the cool skin-tone category has blue undertones.

For each skin-tone category we have developed two types of color scheme personalities. Each color scheme personality has a range of colors from dark to light, which will work harmoniously with the skin’s warm or cool undertones. All you need to do is find out where your skin falls in the color scheme and always look for these colors when you go shopping for cosmetics or clothes. You are sure to be in the best colors to enhance and compliment your look… giving you a natural vibrant glow from your head to your toes.

To find your best color category, first look at your skin without make-up in natural light. Determine if you have light, medium or dark skin color. Then determine if you have cool blue undertones or warm yellow undertones in your skin. The best way to determine this is to do color draping. This involves holding blocks of colors from various color categories up to your face and deciding which looks best. You should find that more colors from one color category will look the best on you, and this will be your correct color category.

The GloTones color system contains four color scheme personalities; DiamondTones (COOL), SapphireTones (COOL), TopazTones (WARM) and OpalTones(WARM).

Cool skin-tones can be classified as ether DiamondTones or SaphireTones, while Warm skin-tones can be classified as OpalTones or TopazTones. Each has their own distinct series of colors and characteristics. The fun starts in finding out where your skin falls within this color spectrum.

To determine if you are a Cool Diamond or Cool Sapphire hold up the colors from the following to your face.

DiamondTones: Hot Pink, Blue Red, Fuchia, Black, Charcoal, Cool Grey, Brown Burgundy, Emerald Green, Olive, Pine, Teal, Purple, Navy, Lemon Yellow, Pure White, Stone, Pewter.

SaphireTones: Rose, Powder Pink, Orchid, Salmon, Clear Red, Aqua, Sky Blue, Periwinkle, Violet, Lavender,Spruce, Mint, Jade, Forest Green, Off white, Beige, Taupe, Cocoa, Emerald Turquoise, Soft Teal, Blue Green, Purple, Plum, Navy, Royal Blue, Light Grey.

Diamond and Saphire Tones are Cool based colors and skin-tones falling in these categories will look best in Rose Based Foundations (these colors look redder or rosier when compared to a yellow/peach colors).

To determine if you are a (WARM) Topaz or a (WARM) Opal hold up the colors from the following to your face.

TopazTones: Salmon Pink, Rust, Orange, Peach, Tomato Red, Bronze, Coffee Brown, Mahogany, Camel, Stone, Khaki, Teal, Mint,Turquoise, Teal, Forrest Green, Buttermilk, Olive Green, Jade, Deep Periwinkle, Purple, Wine, Burgundy.

OpalTones: Coral Pink, Deep Rose, Peach, Tomato Red, Bronze, Golden Brown, Camel, Buff, Warm Grey, Sky Blue, Mint, Hot Turquoise, Teal, Forrest Green, True Green, Golden Yellow, Yellow Green, Jade, Deep Periwinkle.

TopazTones and Opal Tones are Warm based colors and skintones falling in these categories will look best in Yellow Based Foundations (these colors look more yellow or peachy when compared to a pinkish colors).

Visit SpaGlo’s GloTone color analysis website to get a complete Color Analysis done and get the special GloTone Cards that are portable, and you can take them anywhere you go, to help you pick your perfect colors every time.

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Anna Pietrocola has been a cosmetic executive for over 16 years. She is the founder of SpaGlo offers high quality naturally based skin care products, lifestyle tips and other resources that help women and men improve the way they look and feel like they've just stepped out of a spa.

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