Fresh Curls Conditioner

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Fresh Curls Conditioner

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Fresh Curls Conditioner
Which Of these four hair care brands w/curly hair products work the best?

-Garnier Fructis Curls & Shine shampoo and conditioner

-John frieda collection frizz ease curl around shampoo & conditioner

-redken fresh curls shampoo &conditioner

-Tresemme flawless curls shampoo & conditioner

&& also what styling products work well? including mouse? thanks so much

I have very curly - somewhat frizzy, coarse hair. I like Garnier Fructis but I do not use any of the curl shampoos or conditioners. Although it is not on your list, Loreal Natures Therapy conditioner works the best for my hair. I get it at Sallys beauty supply, it is 12.99 but it lasts for about a month or more because not much is needed. The main thing to make curly hair look good is the product after it is washed.
Proclaim Glossing Polish is one of my faves - also at Sally's for 5.99. If I can't get to Sally's, walmart has Hask shine Frizz remedy, my 2nd fav. .
You should not use much of either, you'll have to play with it to know how much works for your hair, I use a dime size, rub my hands together, rub it in my hair and see if I need more to style it better. I put a little on while it is wet and conb through it, let it dry or blow dry and straiten it and then use a little more to get everything under control - then I spray it with Aussie Scrunch hairspray. All this only takes a few minutes but you have to play with it to figure out what is best for you. Also, don't wash your hair every day - 2nd day curly hair is always better after you re-style real quick.

Natural Hair - Best Conditioners for Natural Hair

Herbalife Products for Helping Your Hair!


Do you know the condition of your hair? Whether it's healthy or damaged, Herbalife Products has a solution to repairing or maintaining the healthy locks that you desire.

Hair is categorized in 1 of 3 ways.

  1. Healthy.

  2. Damaged.

  3. Dry.

If your hair is healthy, it is naturally shiny and has a smooth feel and texture. It is easy to comb when wet and it has good elasticity. You will have minimal split ends and a healthy scalp. As we all lose hair daily, healthy hair loss is generally 75-100 strands per day and there is no breakage.

If you have dry hair, it has a dull appearance and is dry to the touch, although it will respond to moisturizer. You may have itchy scalp and poor elasticity. Dry hair often has splits ends and breakage, and you may have frizzy hair. Your daily hair loss is 75-100+ strands per day and your hair may not hold curls well.

If you have damaged hair, it is dull, dry, and course. Frequent use of oil or moisturizer does not help much or does not last long. Your hair is tangles and is difficult to comb when it is wet. There are visible split ends and/or noticeable breakage in spots. You may have an unhealthy scalp and/or excessive dandruff.

What Causes Damaged Hair

There are several factors that contribute to damaged hair.

  • Cold weather dries your hair out more quickly due to less humidity in the air. This combined with the cold makes hair brittle and vulnerable to breakage.

  • Too much brushing or combing, especially when your hair is wet, can cause damage, since your hair is most at risk for breakage when it is wet.

  • Too much heat can make your hair brittle and cause damage. When using a hair dryer use the lowest setting possible.

  • Sun damage can dry your hair and cause damage. UV rays damage your hair, just as it does your skin.

  • Salt water and chlorine are culprits because they strip your hair of moisture. You should always wash your hair after swimming.

  • Over-washing. There is such thing as over washing. This can dry your scalp out and cause flakes. You also strip the hair of natural oils that protect the roots of your hair.

  • Chemicals. Over perming and over coloring is a big no-no. Since perming and coloring dry your hair out anyway, overuse of chemicals will double the damage.

  • Hair accessories. Clips, hair pins, and tight ponytails cause your hair to break. Never use rubber bands as they cause breakage.

Repair the Damage

Regardless of the condition of your hair, you can restore the softness and shine to hair that has become damaged due to chemicals, heat, and the elements of mother nature.

Herbal Aloe Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner from Herbalife provides your hair with concentrated conditioners to help seal in moisture. Key ingredients of whole-leaf aloe, rosemary, sage, and ginger help bring out the natural shine of your hair. The avocado and jojoba seed help replace the moisture lost and it's gentle formula can be used everyday giving your hair a clean and fresh herbal scent.

We all want healthy manageable hair and Herbalife can help!



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