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Front Brown

Front Brown

One of the things that I am cautious and try to tell people is that they can resort to people all the time, but if you have nothing to give, what will happen? If you have empty hands, what are you doing? You only put up empty in an empty head. We get our hands full.

The Bible says, "We have this treasure in earthen vessels" (Second Corinthians 4:7). For the same reason of the anointing of God can be in a building, can be tangible, but because there's nobody there to put the demand on the anointing, nothing happens.

It must have been many other ill people in the days of women with blood flow, but it was only he received his healing that day. Many others came to Jesus, but only with faith and touched her when she touched him, did it all. She put a demand on the anointing of Jesus' ministry. Virtue flowed. Dunamis power flowed from Jesus in his body.

You have to put a demand in the Anointing

When hands are laid upon us, we expect something to happen. Do not come in the line of prayer, if you do not expect anything to happen. Many people come in lines that do not even know what is happening. They do not know the principle that the ministry of laying on of hands.

I understand that you can putting hands in the faith - Every believer can pray in faith - but there is a ministry of laying on of hands. Every believer can pray for people. Every believer can lay hands on someone, the prayer of faith and trust God for a mighty work. But there is a ministry of laying on of hands for delivery when men of God to receive something from the Lord.

Paul received anything from the Lord. He wrote to Timothy and said: "Neglect not the gift that is in thee, which was given thee by prophecy with the laying Hand "(Timothy 4:14). The gift was given by the laying on of hands.

I know I've sat with anointed men of God and then said, "No Lay hands on me. Let the anointing come upon me. I want some of the anointing. "I've seen the change in my life, I have seen the delivery. Perhaps it was a new boldness that comes to me, or perhaps flowing in a different area.

Do not Let anyone lay hands on you You have to have careful with whom you can lay hands on you. You have to be careful where you sit under the ministry. That anointing will come to you. There is a transfer of the anointing. By that, at meetings, I do not allow anyone to come and start putting hands on people.

We have in fact been in meetings where someone left the crowd and began to lay hands on people. I said, "Sit!" "Well, I'm using this." I said, "Sit!"

Now, I'm trying to be horrible, but if you want to have their own meeting, to leave and get your own audience. People to come and then they can do what they do.

The imposition of hands of someone is more than just pray for that person. There is a transfer of the anointing. We must be careful we know that is the Holy Spirit. We can discern by the Spirit of God. No distinction is made by our natural human reason, but we can discern by the Spirit of God.

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Rodney Howard Browne and his ministry team, under the banner of Revival Ministries International, travel about 46 weeks of the year, holding weekly meetings in cities across North America and around the world. They also pastor a church in Tampa, Florida, The River at Tampa Bay, which he founded and which now has 3000 members.

Article Source: - Empty Hands On Empty Heads By Rodney Howard Browne

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