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Full Size Tester

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Full Size Tester
My fish tank is cloudy and there are bubbles at the top formed by the filter... need advice.?

Ok, I have a 36 gallon fish tank with 2 small bala sharks and 2 small pictus catfish (not grown to full size yet)... i feed them brine shrimp, but the extract food gets cleaned out by the filter mostly. I started the tank up 3 days ago, and it was doing fine till just today. Within the last 30 hours i have run ph tests and put tablets to stabilize the correct ph levels. The ph is currently 7.0, and i have put 2 different types of water chemicals to try to keep the water non cloudy, but its not working. Just within the last 10 hours there has been bubbles forming at the top of the tank (coming from the filter)... is this all normal? I am thinking about getting an ammonia tester, and a couple 'sucker fish' to keep my tank cleaner. Any help or advice would be appreciated.

You just started the tank up and added fish? Ok there's your problem, you didn't cycle the tank. Take the fish back and start over. Bubbles from the filter is normal, if it is a Canister type its just purging the air from the foam and other media. If it is a HOB (Hang on back) its from the water being returned to the tank. It takes up to a month of proper procedure to cycle a tank, but with you having fish in it it could be done much faster. Here is what I suggest you do

1) Stop adding those useless additives that say they will clear your water, they very rarely work and all they do is add more crap to your water. This also includes those Ph tablets, check with the water department for the Ph of the local water.

2) Go to the store and get some Cycle or Aqua Plus and double the recommended dosage for the first time and then follow it to the letter.

3) do bi-weekly water changes of 20%

4) test your water or get the store to do it for you.

5) Watch your fish for any signs of distress (Red and inflamed gills are a prime example of ammonia poisoning)

6) check with the store to see if they can house your fish for you until you can get the tank stabilized.

7) Add fast growing Live plants, they will help remove some of the chemicals

8) Join your local Fish Club

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